Proposed Intervention for Constipation in Long Term Care Institution

Topics: Dietary fiber, Water supply network, Prune Pages: 5 (1534 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Proposed intervention for constipation in long term care institution 6.1Identify target group
We have identify in order to reduce the risk of constipation and have better outcomes, it requires co-operation from different parties. Hence, we plan to have several activities with 3 different parties including

1. Management of XY
2. Residents of XYno-time bound activity will be given.

3. Nurses and ward aids (We choose to target this group as our SGE participants, details are in our proposal)

Summary of activities for 3 different parties
Party| Interventions|
Management of XY| Modify diet (high fibre diet) will be provided.Basically we target only on breakfast and afternoon tea.This is because the fibre food sources during afternoon tea and breakfast is limited. Besides, we find that there are leftover especially vegetables during lunch and dinner. Hence, we will come out with few recipe incorporating hidden fibre in the meal.Hence, comparison between current diet and modify diet (high fibre diet) on costing and fibre content will be presented. | Residents of XY| As for residents of XY, we actually put our main priority on their fluid intake.A water bottle (600ml) was provided to residents on 3rd floor. As it will be easier for us to track their water intake in a day. Besides that, they are more accessible to fluid without burden the nurses. Also, we re-modify on the current water schedule as there is always leftovers when following the amount of the water given. And we re-emphasize on the importance of the water schedule. We also take into consideration of the taste of fluid and losing taste bud of the elderly. So, we plan to have a small experiment among the residents in XY by providing different taste of fluid each day and see which tastes of fluid they like the most.So, we will run out trial on Chinese tea and ginger tea in our experiments, and then we observe if by changing the flavour will affect the fluid intake. Then we proposed to management to incorporate the type of fluid which will increase the fluid intake of the residents.| Nurses and ward aids| Our SGE group. As nurses and ward aids are the one that keep in touch with them closely from time to time in nursing home. 1. We are going to present our SGE in presentation slides form. * Educate on importance of fibre and fluid in order to reduce the risk of constipation. (Since we are running out trial on encouraging residents on fibre intake and water bottle activities on fluid intake and water schedule. We will acknowledge them if this trial on activities are worked on residents and aids in relieving constipation). 2. Motivates them by using motivational interviewing to encourage XY’s residents to finish up the vegetable and fruits that being provided by : * Understand their difficulties * Discuss ways to prepare for change * Determine what may need to altered or include in order for change to occur * Address their benefits of taking the action. * For example, reinforce them to follow our new water schedule and make sure residents finished up the fluid in water bottle daily. |

6.2Proposed activities
6.2.1Activities conduct before the small group education.
A series of activities is planned before the small group education. Below are the planned interventions for a week : 1) The prune juice and Chinese tea will be given from the third week onward. 2) Mineral bottle will be given to the residents at the simultaneously time. The mentioned interventions will be carried out at Easy Care and Comfort Care as trial. Prune juice will be given to the selected constipated patient while as the Chinese tea is provided to all the residents. The feedback of the residents will be collected. By doing so, we could get the pre data for the subsequent intervention. For instances, if the Chinese tea was well accepted, we would like to propose this to the management as part of the diet in order to boost up the daily...
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