Project management

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1-Why are successful projects so important to Hewlett-Packard? Successful projects have increased odds for continued and better success. The success repeals teams use a system that can improve communication within a company. This systematic process can be repeated and improved and others can learn the process then train to develop "a learning organization".

2. How far should an evaluation team go in trying to quantify project contributions to the firm’s mission or goals?
What is the role of financial selection criteria in HP’s project selection process?
A- They should weight the criteria to optimize and determine the best of the best. For example, one HP team weighted Customer Satisfaction at 28%, Employee Satisfaction at 7%, Business Value at 46%, and Process Effectiveness at 19% (Figure 3, p. 99). B- The team needs to use screening criteria to get rid of projects that need too many resources but are not aligned with today's business strategies. Projects must use activity based cost models that include communications, relationship building, and indirect labor costs that can result in a successful project. Top performing companies do not use financial methods to design a portfolio. Instead, they use strategic portfolio management.

3. Considerable attention is paid to the measures HP uses to evaluate its projects. Is the aim of carefully defining these measures to simplify the project selection process or something else?
To compare project to see how the projects support the organization strategy which saves time.

4. What do the aggregate project plan and the plan of record illustrate to upper management?
"Record projects that are fully funded in an aggregate project plan (in-plan)... The plan of record (POR) is both a process and a tool used by some organizations at HP to keep track of the total list of projects. It lists all projects under way or under consideration by the entity (department/team)." (p.102). The HP project managers use the...
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