Project Feasibility

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Project Feasibility Analysis
Principle of Planning and the Project Approach
What is Planning?
* Future Making
* Shortcut to the future
Why Planning
* Scarcity of resources
* Unlimited Wants of people
* Welfare Maximization in the long run
How or Technique of Planning
1. Short term Planning Technique
“Empirical Approach”
2. Long term Planning Technique
a. “Model and Programming Approach
Planning Process
1. Plan Formulation - Thinking
2. Plan Implementation – Action
3. Plan Evaluation – Feedback
Planning Phase
* National or Macro level – Plan
* Regional or Sector level – Program(s)
* Segmental or Micro level – Project(s)
What we will be focusing on is PROJECT
Definition of Project: A project is a discrete packages or a set of activities designed to achieve a set of objectives within a designated period Project Skeleton
3. serves as database for preparing proposal or Project Feasibility Components of Project Skeleton
1. Problems or Needs| 2. Objectives and Output| 3. Demand and Market| 8. Project Benefit and Cost| 9. Project Summary- Worth to invest or Not?| 4. Appropriate Technology| 7. Project life and Schedule(Project Years)| 6. Organization &Management| 5. Resources Requirement|

Project Skeleton and Project Proposal covers at least 7 aspects 1.Technical Analysis
2.Market/Marketing Analysis
3.Social Analysis
4.Institutional Analysis
5. Environmental Analysis
6. Economic Analysis
7. Financial Analysis

Project Planning and Management Cycle
Project Cycle serves as a guideline for project planning and Management

Project cycles of various institutions
There are different in terms if numbers of steps and terms that are being used to describe the various stages of the project cycle

The United Nations (UN) 8 Steps
3. Analyses and Evaluation
6. Reporting and Feedback
7.Transition to normal/Administration
8.Evaluation of results

Food and Agriculture Organization of UN (FAO) 5 Steps
1. Identification
2. Preparation
3. Appraisal
4. Implementation
5. Evaluation

Dennis A. Rondinelli 12 steps
1. Project identification and definition
2. Project formulation, preparation and feasibility analysis 3. Project design
4. Project appraisal (evaluation)
5. Project selection, negotiation and approval
6. Project activation and organization
7. Project implementation and operation
8. Project supervision, monitoring and control
9. Project completion and termination
10. Project diffusion and transition to normal distribution 11. Project evaluation
12. Follow up analysis and action

Louis J. Goodman and Ralph N. Love 4 Steps
1. Planning, appraisal and design
2. Selection, approval and activation
3. Operation, control and handover
4. Evaluation and refinement

The World Bank (or TBRD) by W.B. Baum and S.M. Tolbert 5 steps 1. Project identification
* Who identifies the project? Public sector, private sector, NGO’S * High potential business project beginning with E letter – Eating, Education, E-commerce trading, Entertainment * Sources of ideas and Knowledge: Past experience, Research and Invention, Insight and Intuition, Traditionalism vs. Newism * Project Identification Approach

1. Grassroot level Approach – create “sense of belonging” that makes people feel like they belong at the place/company/group/ agency which lead to “Racticipative management” 2.Existing situation or demand and supply

Demand – try to know what the customers want by surveying or whatever to know how to deal with demand Supply – deal with yourself and try to know what are we good at since ou youtself are suppliers

2. Project Preparation and design
Main function:
* Project design – detail project component
- production component, direct supportive component...
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