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Professional Competence

By Angaleana-Wilcox Jul 14, 2014 351 Words
Personal Competencies

What does personal
competencies mean?
• When I decide to choose my profession I
need to prepare myself to engage in
ongoing training and professional
• I need to enhance my skill levels and
perform in a manner which is competent.
• I need to have professional goals and try
to achieve them
• If I claim to very professional and I am not
showing it, then I am just cheating not only
myself but the others around me.

Why are the competencies important to
my futures career goals?


• I need to know what is required and what I am doing
because if not that would just means I do not have the
necessary tools to reach my goals.
• By having high standers to reach my goals is to advance
it. By reaching this level that means that competency will
enhance my abilities to a better service.
• This just might give me the responsibility to get my foot in the door for a promotion for a higher spot or just
maybe a raise.

How can I use my education with the
competent in my career field
• Basically the competence and education go together. I
use the term holding hands like they are dating because
that is how close they are.
• Without having the education and training I will not have that professional competency.
• The place I work at does have incentives because they
want their employees to stay a while and be part of the
• I believe to keep up with today society I need to make all the effort I can to learn how to adapt to changes.

• I plan on and will get my B.A. in Criminal Justice so I will need to have the education for that. This is defiantly a
field that associated with education.
• I will and need to make sure I have all the education in my field if I plan on moving up the ladder.
• I believe the professional competency will always keep
you informed. It will also help get you closer to your
dreams as well as your goals.

Angaleana Williams
Gen 200

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