Pride by Sionil F. Jose

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Pride by Sionil F. Jose
from Sionil Jose's Book Waywaya and other short stories.

1. What are the settings of short stories of Sionil Jose?

1.1 Place
- urban
p. 58 ".. shop windows and the cars edged one another on the Escolta. He did not callfor the office car to take him home..."

1.2 Time
- afternoon to midnight
p. 58 ".. but in a while the iceplant siren blew into the dead afernon air- it was five and the crownd began to swell in the cafe. "

p. 59 " When he reached.. the stars dimly shone in the narrow strips of the sky above."

2. What types of characters are found in Sionil Jose’s stories:

2.1 Gender
- male > Domingo
> Tio Lope

- female > Domingo's wife

2.2 Social Condition
-poor (at first)
p. 60 "It was then that she drew a twenty peso bill from her bag and gave him ten pesos insisting that he take it."
- rich
p.59 "In the cubicle by the kitchen, the maid softly snored."

2.3 Type
- round
> Domingo. He had always agreed to his wife's relatives , accepting every little gift they give to them. But he has now come to the decision that he and his wife shall now start being independent.

- flat
> Domingo's wife. HIs wife had always been passionate about his husband, and still agrees to seek help from his relatives until the last part of the story.

3. What are the themes in the short stories:

- Believe in yourself.
- Having a sense of pride is the same as having self-respect.
p. 64 "Three years ago, I was bubbling with ideas planning our life. The future was just as bright though the climbing may have been steeper. A man has to have some self-respect."

4. What are the conflicts involved in the short story?

- man vs circumstances
p.64 ".. but even if he put on a word, I am fed up."
- man vs. man
p. 63 " Your folks have done everything to spoil our marrige."

5. From whose...
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