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Pride and Prejudice Character Chart

By sepevette May 28, 2013 584 Words
Evette Cortes
February 10, 2012

Charles Bingley
-Brother of Caroline B.
-Very Modest
-Easy of temper
-Found Jane B. attracted
-Bonds with Jane a lot
-Friend of Darcy
-He has a large fortune
-He is good looking and is a gentleman
-Can be a slave to his friends (Darcy)
Elizabeth B.
-2nd oldest daughter of the Bennet family
-Prejudice towards action and behavior
-Uses her heart instead of her head in certain occasions for ex; -when Collins to her, she did not accept because she had no feeling towards him of any kind, she would rather marry for love. - Hates Darcy at first

-Then falls in love with Darcy

Catherine B. (Kitty)
-Two years older than Lydia
-Want to be like Lydia

Mr. Wickham
- was the steward to the old Mr. Darcy
-Seems to have happy manners
-Gets by with his good looks, countenance, and his pleasing address. -Seriously in debt
-His debts and wedding gets paid off by Mr. Darcy
-Married to Lydia
-Enemy of Darcy
-Has the charm to attract young women

Fitzwilliam Darcy
-His behavior at the ball makes being around him very unpleasant -Friend of Bingley
-Appears to be dull and silent
-He comes off as conceited and selfish, but throughout the novel he improves - Has affection towards Elizabeth
- Falls in love with her
-Pays the debt of Wickham
-Advises Bingley to leave Jane alone since she shows no interest -He is actually intended for Anne De Bourgh
-Marries Elizabeth

Mr. Collins
-Rector of Hunsford in Kent
- Cousin and heir to Mr. Bennet and his estate
-He is very wealthy
-Easily manipulated by Lady Catherine
-Proposes to Elizabeth
-Marries Charlotte
-Comes off as a brownnose but he actually just wants to take care of his image

-Eldest daughter of the Lucas
-Best friend of Eliza
-Married to Mr. Collins
-Marries him for social class and wealth (convenience)
-Not romantic
-scarified her feelings for worldly advantages
Lady Catherine
-Mother of Anne De Bourgh
-Aunt of Colonel Fitzwilliam
-Aunt of Darcy
-Benefactor of Collins
-Makes her visitors feel inferior to her superior rank
-Surprised when Eliza talks back at her
-Threatens Eliza not to do anything with Darcy, but then she eats her own words Colonel Fitzwilliam
-Cousin of Darcy
-Cousin of Anne de Bourgh
-Cousin and guardian of Georgina Darcy

Mrs. Bennet
-Daughter of an attorney
-Mother of the Bennet Sisters
-Her goal in life is to get all her daughters married
-She can be understanding, have a temper, and with little information Jane B.
-Oldest and prettiest daughter of the Bennet family
-Honest and faithful
-Appears to show no emotion
-Falls for Mr. Bingley
-Marries Mr. Bingley
-Companion of Caroline B.
-Often shows a “want of cheerfulness

Lydia B.
-The youngest of the Bennet Family
-Gets married to Mr. Wickham
-Favorite daughter from her mother
-Is very romantic and decided with her heart
-Big flirt
Mary B.
-3rd sister of the Bennet family
-Fond of Mr. Collins
-Enjoys entertaining people
-Plain one in the family

Mr. Bennet
-Sarcastic, humorous, reserve, and caprice
-Married to Mrs. Bennet
-Light-hearted man
-Laughs at Lydia and kitty’s behavior instead of restraining them -Prefers Elizabeth over the rest of his daughters
-like his wife’s ignorance

Caroline Bingley
-Bingley’s sister
-Attracted to Darcy
-jealous of Elizabeth because of the interest Darcy takes in her -Companion of Jane B.
-Tries to persuade Darcy away from Eliza
-Likes to associate with people of higher rank
-Is described by Eliza as being conceited, proud, but well educated

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