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Topics: Diode, Semiconductor, N-type semiconductor Pages: 2 (274 words) Published: February 27, 2014

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Preliminary Exam

Active Devices

Name: _________________________________________

I. Answer the following question in complete sentences.

1. What are semiconductor materials?
2. What are the two common semiconductor materials?
3. Give two examples of semiconductor components.
4. What is the most important characteristic of semiconductor materials? 5. What do you call the process of adding impurities to the atomic structure of the semiconductors? 6. Give three examples of impurity materials that are used to make N-type semiconductor more negative. 7. Give three examples of impurity materials that are used to make P-type semiconductor more positive. 8. What is the repelling force of the barrier voltage in the germanium and silicon semiconductor? 9. What are the two current carriers of diode?

10. Define diode.

II.Testing Diode (5 pts each)

1. Write how to test Good Diode with your ohmmeter.
2. Write how to test Shorted Diode with your ohmmeter.
3. Write how to test Open Diode with your ohmmeter.
4. Write how to test Leaky Diode with your ohmmeter.

III.Identification: Identify the following statement/question and write your answer on the space provided before each item.

_____________ 1. This is the only type of diode that is used as oscillator and also as amplifier, especially in microwave frequencies.
_____________ 2. This type of diode is used primarily as reference and voltage regulators in regulated power supplies.
_____________ 3. It permits the flow of current in only one direction. _____________ 4. This type of diode is used as a tuning device in push button electronic tuning.
_____________ 5. This type of diode is used for bias stabilization of transistorizes amplifiers circuits as well as for the oscillator.

IV.Draw the symbol of the following:

1. Diode rectifier
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