Position of Prefect

Topics: Management, Education, Learning Pages: 4 (961 words) Published: October 21, 2012
The King John School
Prefect Application Form

Surname: Hay First Names: Harry Charles Title: Mr Tutor group: 10-10

Personal Statement
You should consider me to be a prefect, as I am a very hardworking, enthusiastic, organised and punctual student who is honest and mature and would love the position of representing the school. I think that all of my achievements which I have received throughout my time at King John, outlines what sort of student I am. I believe that my academic achievements and extra-curricular awards will give me great success if I was to become a prefect. I have received various awards such as prize-giving awards for academic success, sporting achievements, The Jack Petchey award, for my mannerism, politeness, personality and my helpful and courteous attitude towards staff. Last year I gave up my time after school, to help organise a year 10 parents evening. I have also collected achievements such as the 100% attendance award during school, and the student of the term award. My most recent award, is the Duke of Edinburgh award at Bronze level. I am currently working towards my Silver award, which is a two year course. All of my awards I have received academically, and outside of school, I am very proud of. I am always working hard, reaching my potential in everything I do. One example of this is me taking advantage of my lunch and breaktimes, by completing homework, learning with the resources available, and revising for subject examinations, so that after school, during weekends and during school holidays, I can take time to socialise, relax, do extra revision, and fit in any plans I may have, such as training sessions for my Triathlon club. I believe that my positive approach and attitude to learning will help me take up the role of being a prefect.

Subject| Target Grade|
Maths| B|
English| C|
Science| B|
Media| pass|
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