Pope Urban Ii and the First Crusade Essay Example

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Pope Urban II’s decision to launch the First Crusades altered Medieval Europe politically, socially, and economically. The Pope stressed the religious and economic importance of the Eastern churches and Jerusalem that had both been taken over by Muslim Turks. Previously Vikings and Muslims had been attempting to invade most Western European countries and were troubling them but were soon defeated. All across Europe countries were economically recovering and looking for ways to expand. With the growth of people entering the Catholic Church many people were looking for ways to honor God. Then Pope Urban II announced a Crusade and many countries were eager to assist in his religious mission into the East. Pope Urban II’s motive to launch The First Crusade in 1096 A.D. was to recover the many Eastern churches that had been conquered by the Muslim Turks and with the land they reclaimed they would create a Christian State in Jerusalem for Christians to control. The soldiers were extremely passionate about the battle; they created the symbol of a cross with any red material they could find and sewed it onto their armor. The red cross became the unofficial symbol for the crusades and was worn by nearly every soldier in the army. The war was called the Crusade, because the word crusade is derived from the Latin word crux which means cross.

Until 1065 Christians were granted safe travel to Jerusalem which was controlled by the Saracens but the Muslim Turks defeated them and took control of The Holy Land. The Holy Land, which is called Jerusalem was where Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose from the grave and is the most sacred of places for all Christians. The Saracens were another group of Muslims but were rivals with the Turks. When the Turks took control of Jerusalem they massacred 3,000 Christians that were in the city at the time and tortured all the other Christians that were left. This alarmed the Pope and he realized that the Christians needed to control the...
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