Political Ideology

Topics: Liberalism, Free market, Capitalism Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Chapter#4-Political Culture and Ideology
In the textbook, American Political Culture is described as the extensive communal opinions, standards, and morals citizens have in correlation with the government, as well as in relation with each other. One of the contributing factors that make the culture that way is suffrage, which is the right to vote. For example, our thoughts in suffrage went from the belief that white men who own property are allowed to vote to all citizens who are adults, besides criminals in some cases, have that right. Another reason for this would be deliberation, which is the procedure where administrators or people gather to converse and contemplate public issues, along with social capital, which is democratic and municipal series of debating, agreement, and regard for contrast, which derives from involvement in optional groups. An example that represents these overlapping ideas is political campaigning because of their extensive use in internet that allows people to interact with each other on their thoughts. Our shared values include natural rights (born with moral rights), liberty (sovereignty), equality (providing fair opportunities to all, no discrimination), individualism (freedom of action for individuals over group authority), respect for the common person (does not have to be superior with money in order to be respected; common people can be successful; makes economy thrive), democratic consensus (we all come to a common line), and majority rule/popular sovereignty (allowing people to decide who can go forward on). These can all relate to political culture, because these are what we believe in as a nation to be just, and these beliefs that we share with others and the government is political culture. The most important aspects are equality, and respect for the common person, because without these two attributes, our nation would not provide equal opportunities to everyone who are not considered to be superior above all else because...
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