Placement Plan

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Placement plan

Table of Contents
1. Technical data2
The student2
The placement organization2
Company supervisor2
Supervising lecturer2
Placement period2
2. Conduct of business3
Representation and PR Company3
First public relations3
Representation plus3
3. Workday activities4
4. Placement assignments5
NHTV assignments5
Company assignment5
Time schedule6
5. Attainment targets7
6. Personal aspects7

1. Technical data
The student
The placement organization
Company supervisor
Supervising lecturer
Placement period
Starting date: 07-01-2013
End date: 28-06-2013
Expected date interim assessment: Week 13, 25-03-2013

2. Conduct of business
Representation and PR Company
First public relations
First Public Relations Ltd. is a leading public relations and marketing consultancy for the travel and leisure industry in the UK and Ireland. FPR, founded by Fiona Gordon, has been in business for almost 13 years. At the 12th of March FPR and Representation Plus has joined forces. Both companies are operating under one roof in Putney, London and were headed up by former Representation Plus founder Alyson Cryer. Teams from both agencies will work alongside each other with complimentary client lists. FPR has developed itself as the only specialist consultancy that offers fully integrated programs. Their extensive knowledge of the travel and leisure industry and their expertise in delivering clear messages to defined target groups is unparalleled. FPR always guarantees for a healthy return on investment. FPR customers remain their customers, which can be seen on their website. Most of the customers are coming back for over 10 years and some even 26 years - since the foundation of the company. FPR is part of a global PR and marketing network. Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Aqua Hotels and Resorts, Ardeche-Gard-Vaucluse Provence-Rhone Wines, Greater Miami Visitors Convention Bureau, Limousine Tourism, Seattle and Washington State Tourism, Travel Manitoba have appointed First Public Relation Ltd. as their PR and marketing consultancy. First Public Relations uses its expertise and many years of experience with these customers to highlight the countries, states and hotels to the UK holidaymakers. Objective is to put these countries, states and hotels on top of the most popular holiday destination, on the other hand to increase travel offers to this country and increase the number of visitors to the country. First Public Relations uses besides PR, also trade marketing, online advertising, brand promotions and industry events. Representation plus

Representation Plus, established in 1987, is a full service marketing company specialising in the travel, tourism and leisure industries. Representation plus is specialised in the marketing of destinations, countries, cities, regions, hotels, theme parks, major attractions, airlines, tour operators and travel related products. They offer their clients the opportunity to expand their business, increase product awareness and to have their own office in one or more markets. Representation Plus offers initial public relations audits, media briefing / press conferences, media events/press luncheons, media visits (group & individual), media lobbying, targeted press releases, competitions/readers offers, one-to-one briefings, newsletters, crisis PR management / damage limitation. They work across the media (trade and consumer press, television and radio broadcast and new media) seeking opportunities on both traditional coverage and alternative promotional angles such as hobbies, food, culture and lifestyle. Currently, HG Travel & The AuCo Cruise, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Montenegro Tourism Authority, Oman Ministry of Tourism, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) UK Chapter, Poland Tourist Organisation, Samoa Tourism Authority, Yadis Hotels, Tunisia are outsourcing their marketing and are...
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