Phlebotomy Notes

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Phlebotomy Notes 

Primary duty of phlebotomist – collect blood specimens for laboratory testing

Methods of Blood Collection:
1. Arterial puncture
2. Capillary puncture
3. Venipuncture

General Blood Collection Equipment & Supplies
1. Blood drawing station
2. Phlebotomy chairs
3. Equipment carriers
4. Glove & glove liners
5. Antiseptics
6. Disinfectants
7. Hand sanitizers
8. Gauze pads/cotton balls
9. Bandages
10. Slides
11. Pen
12. Watch
13. Needle & sharps containers

Blood-drawing station – dedicated area of a medical laboratory or clinic equipped for performing phlebotomy procedures on patients, primarily outpatients sent by their physicians for laboratory testing

A typical blood drawing station includes:
a. a table for supplies,
b. special chair where the patient sits during the blood collection procedure and c. a bed or a reclining chair for patients with a history of fainting

Equipment carriers – help make blood collection equipment portable

Hand held carriers are convenient for ‘stat’ or emergency situations or when relatively few patients need blood work

Usage of phlebotomy carts in a hospital setting:
a. early morning phlebotomy rounds when many patients need lab work b. scheduled ‘sweep’ round occur at regular intervals throughout the day

Phlebotomy carts are bulky and a potential source of nosocomial infections and are not normally brought into patient rooms. Instead, they are parked outside in the hallway. A tray of supplies to be taken into the room is often carried on the cart.

Antiseptics – prevent or inhibit the growth and development or microorganisms, but do not necessarily kill them. They are considered safe to use on human skin and are used to clean the site prior to blood collection

70% isopropyl alcohol – most commonly used for routine blood collection

For higher degree of antisepsis, the traditional antiseptic has been Povidone-Iodine in the form of swabsticks or sponge pads for...
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