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Moral Issues in Business
Paper Assignment
Crain Spring 2013

Discuss a current policy/practice, or recent event pertaining to an issue of Business Ethics.

Your paper should proceed as follows:

1. Choose an issue pertaining to business and do some research on your topic. I recommend looking through the business sections of newspapers, or finding articles in magazines related to your issue. You may do all of your research on the internet, but be sure to assess the credibility of your sources.

In the first part of your paper, you should lay out the various aspects of this issue. Your goal here should simply be to explain briefly what the current practices are, or what it is that happened that you wish to discuss.

2. Assess the ethicality of the current practice. Use one of the ethical theories we have discussed in class in order to call the ethicality of the current practice into question (i.e. how might we say that the action involved is immoral?).

Consider how a defender of the current practice might respond to this critique. Identify the competing values at play and weigh them against one another in light of (at least) one of the ethical principles we have covered this semester.

Make a recommendation as to how things might be changed for the better, in light of all of these considerations.

Technical Requirements:

Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, in 12 pt. font.

Cite your sources and provide a Works Cited page. Failure to cite sources constitutes plagiarism. (If you are using websites, I recommend putting their URLs etc. in footnotes.)

Plagiarism of any sort will result in failure, and perhaps worse consequences in accordance with university policy.

Proofread your paper. Grammar issues and typos will have a negative effect on your grade. Reading a sentence aloud can be an effective way of determining whether it makes sense.

Your paper will be assessed in terms of: 1) how well you’ve...
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