Persuasive Essay Example: Abortion

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Persuasive Essay: Abortion

When one wants an abortion to terminate a life that is not wanted or inconvenient is it fair? Well think about it this way, when someone does not like someone else and thinks there life is not convenient for them they go ahead and kill them. Then they are charged with murder. Well after three to four days that one is to conceive a baby, they have a heart beat. Getting an abortion and terminating a life even after three to four days is murder, do you not think? If someone does not want to get pregnant, then get on the pill or stay abstinent. You cannot just pull a Brittney Spears and say oop's I did it again and terminate the pregnancy. Abortions are more likely to occur when a women is between the ages of 15 to 24.

There are different types of abortions. There are two main type of abortion, they are spontaneous abortion or miscarriages and then there is induced abortion. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriages are abortions that are unwanted that are caused by vaginal bleeding and the cervix closing up. Then there is the induced abortion that would be a performed abortion by a doctor to stop the normal course of pregnancy and end the baby’s life with in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The health risks of having an abortion done depend on how safely you have the procedure done. When an abortion is done unsafely by an unauthorized individual can cause UN-wanted effects on the mother and her later ability to conceive when she wants to start a family or even on her everyday life. When done by a professional and in a sanitized place there are still some risks involved but they are greatly reduced.

When one becomes pregnant there are times when an abortion is the only choice and I believe this is when the mother’s health is in danger and that is the only way to resolve her illness. There are times when the mothers are being just selfish and the baby has happened to be an inconvenience to them or...
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