personal selling process

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Elements of the Personal Selling Process
No 2 salespersons use exactly the same sales method, but it is generally a seven step process: 1. Prospecting and Evaluating
Seek names of prospects through sales records, referrals etc., also responses to advertisements. Need to evaluate if the person is able (Undergraduate degree to attend a graduate program), willing and authorized to buy. Blind prospecting-rely on phone directory etc.

2. Preapproach (Preparing)
Review key decision makers esp. for business to business, but also family assess credit histories
prepare sales presentations
identify product needs.
Helps present the presentation to meet the prospects needs. 3. Approaching the Customer
Manner in which the sales person contacts the potential customer. First impression of the sales person is Lasting and therefore important. Strive to develop a relationship rather than just push the product. Can be based on referrals, cold calling or repeat contact.

4. Making the Presentation
Need to attract and hold the prospects Attention to stimulate Interest and stir up Desire in the product so the potential customer takes the appropriate Action. AIDA Try to get the prospect to touch, hold or try the product. Must be able to change the presentation to meet the prospect needs. Three types of presentations:

Stimulus Response Format: Appropriate stimulus will initiate a buy decision, use one appeal after another hoping to hit the right button...Counter Clerk @ McDonald's "Would you like fries with your burger?" Formula Selling Format: (Canned Sales Presentation) memorized, repetitive, given to all customers interested in a specific product. Good for inexperienced sales people.

Better with heavily advertised items that are presold.
Telemarketing a credit card!!
Need Satisfaction Format: Based on the principal that each customer has a different set of needs/desires., therefore the sales presentation should be adapted to the individual customer's needs, this is a key advantage of personal selling vs. advertising. Sales person asks questions first, then makes the presentation accordingly. Need to do homework, listen well and allow customers to talk etc. Must answer two types of questions:

for more information
overcome objections.
Overcoming Objections
Seek out objections and address them.
Anticipate and counter them before the prospect can raise them. Try to avoid bringing up objections that the prospect would not have raised. Price objection is the most common
Need to provide customers with reasons for the $s, build up the value before price is mentioned Must be convinced of price in own mind before you can sell to customer. Get budget info. on buyer before you try to sell, and must know what they want, must sell service on top of product augmented product--to create value!! Must know value of product, provide warranties etc.!!

5. Closing
Ask prospect to buy product/products. Use trial closes, IE ask about financial terms, preferred method of delivery. 20% sales people generally close 80% sales., Avon, over 1/2 US $1.4 bn business from 17% of 415,000 SRs. Need to be prepared to close at any time. The following are popular closing techniques: Trial Close (Minor decision close)

Assumptive close (Implied consent close)
Urgency close
Ask for the sale close
If prospect says no, they may just need more reasons to buy!!

6. Following Up
Must follow up sale, determine if the order was delivered on time, installation OK etc. Also helps determine the prospects future needs. Accomplishes four objectives: customer gain short term satisfaction

referrals are stimulated
in the long run, repurchase
prevent cognitive dissonance
Old school, sell and leave!!--Quickly before customer changes her mind!! Now:
Stay a few minutes after sale--reinforce, make them feel good, made wise choice, leave small gift (with co. name on it!!), call office at any time etc!! Follow up, reinforce, know birthdays, new year...
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