Personal Plan for Success

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Tamia Davis
Personal Plan for Success

My Goals

Academic Goal
My academic goal is to complete all my assigments on time and push towards getting nothing less than a B so I can graduate with an associates degree in Allied Health Science within two years. I think my goal is clear, measurable and realistic. It's clear because this is what I have to do to reach my goal and nothing is going to distract me. It's measurable because as the weeks go by I can measure my grades by my performance in class. It is also realistic because this is a do-able goal I feel I can get good grades and graduate on time. The reason I chose to get this degree is because becoming a nurse is and has always been a passion of mines I just chose not to pursue it until now. I'm not as knowledgeable as I want to be but thats the reason for taking this course so I can learn more than I imagined. I love nursing because helping people gives me great joy it's sort of in my nature. Attaining this degree will give me the knowledge and credibility I need to go out and find the perfect job. My motivation for achieving this goal is based on the fact that this is my second college and failing is not an option. My intrinsic motivation for graduating would have to be my love for helping others in need. In order for me to achieve my career goal I would first have to achieve my academic goal. Reward or not the feeling that I get from being able to see people feel better and helping the ones in need is more than enough. My extrinsic motivation would have to be my family. I want to show them that I can reach my goal because not finishing my first college an degree gave them the impression that I wouldn't do anything with my life and by accomplishing this goal it would make them so proud of me and shocked and that's what I want. My attitude will help me achieve my goal because a lot of times I get into that I don't feel like working or this is boring mood and thats what hindered my performance at my last college. I won't need to make any adjustments because I refuse to let that happen again so when I do reach that feeling I will always think about what happened at my first college and the reason I'm here now.

Career Goal
My career goal is to become a successful RN. By that I mean just fulfilling my goal of being out there helping individuals to the best of my abilities. I don't expect to be a highly known nurse, although that would be nice I just want to love what I do and that's what I consider success. I would really love to work in a hospital. I think my main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire to help people and care for them in times of need. I am also a person who thrives on being challenged and I always have new goals to achieve, so nursing suits me as few other careers offer as much diversity and learning opportunities. I think the human body is just an absolutely fascinating system and I know that I will be seeing such a variety of amazing recoveries, unforseen losses, and all that will come between. My motivation for pursuing this goal is my intrinsic love for hospitals. I rarely get ill so I never really have to go to hospitals but when I do I'm so fascinated with them. I always imagine myself being a nurse when I'm there. The thrill I get from seeing so many doctors and nurses walking around helping out those that are not feelin well is unexaplainable. My extrinsic motivation is the impact I can make on individuals lives by doing what I enjoy. I love to see others smile and make a difference in their lives. My attitude will only help me achieve my goal because knowing that my life will be based on helping others will only make me happier and wanting to do my job the best that I can. It may take some time for me to get to where I want to be but the ending result will be based on my attitude whether or not I decided if the struggle to get to where I want to be was worth it. I will only have a positive attitude when it...

References: Castledine, George. British Journal of Nursing13. 20 (Nov 11-Nov 24, 2004)
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