Periodontic Notes for Dental Hygiene

Topics: Periodontology, Gingiva, Periodontitis Pages: 4 (904 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Chapter 25: Periodontal emergencies
* Abscess of the periodontium- an acute, circumscribed collection of pus in the periodontium 1) Acute- condition has a rapid onset, rapid course, and can be accompanied by pain or discomfort 2) Circumscribed- abscess is localized

3) Pus- a collection of dead white blood cells that result from the body defense mechanisms involved in fighting the infection * 3 types of periodontal abscesses
4) Gingival- an abscess of the periodontium that is limited to the gingival margin area. Occurs in a healthy mouth when some foreign object is forced into a healthy gingival sulcus 5) Periodontal abscess- occurs in a site with preexisting periodontal disease including preexisting periodontal pockets. Affects the deeper structures of the periodontium and is not limited to the gingival margin area only as is the gingival abscess * Treatment of gingival and periodontal abscess

* Anesthetize the tooth prior
* Establish a path of drainage for the pus. Through the pocket itself or by performing periodontal surgery. Puncture the soft tissue wall of the pocket with the toe of a sterile curet. * Thorough periodontal debridement of the tooth surfaces in the area of the abscess * Adjustment of the tooth occlusion is usually indicated * Antibiotics may be needed in advanced cases

* Recommend warm saltwater rinses to help keep the abscess draining until completely healed * Dental team should appoint the patient for a thorough periodontal assessment 6) Pericoronal abscess- an infection in the soft tissue surrounding the crown of a partially erupted tooth * Most frequently seen around a mandibular 3rd molar * Operculum- Flap of gingival tissues that covers a portion of the crown. This flap can become infected. * Pericoronitis also referred to as operculitis

* Signs and symptoms...
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