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Answer 1)Perception

Perception is the identification and interpretation of sensory information which we get in order to represent & understand the behavior or environment.

Perception is process of collecting information through our various senses, identification from it and making interpretation.

Perception is nothing but a way of thinking yourself on a particular situation and taking decision on the base of your mind reacting on it. Thus every person ideas and perception differs from each person and their values to a particular situation is different. So every individual perception is different at a visual image. It may also come from the previous experience & learning, attitudes & interests, needs & feelings and the current situation all affect perception. It differs due to personal, socioeconomic and cultural differences.

Personal perception: the age, gender, past experience of young children, teenagers and adults perceptions / imaginary is different. Cultural perception: it includes customs, belief system, languages, religious and historic perspective. And it also get change with all this cultural mind set.

Diagrammatic representation of perception pyramid:


This diagram represent show how the perception process take place and how the process returns the value and what it does. Its cycle of every time they want to think and make any decision.

Importance of perception in service sector:

Perception is most important factor for the person to judge any person or anything related to decision making in day to day life because what decision on the spot he/she has to take are to be taken on the spot so for that the perception of that must be very important to accurate it.

It helps to develop interpersonal skills and take decisions quick and accurate which can help the company to work more with less time.

For seeing other accurately is makes easier knowing himself.

It also help the interviewer to judge the employee in interview within the fraction of time that what kind of person he is and can decide whether they will select him or not.

Help for employment interview : when any interview is to be conduct there are different choice made by different interviewer for a same candidate thus its very important to quickly judge the person and take decision on it.

It helps in the store or big mall when a salesmen judge the customer that he is interested in purchasing product or not by that he treat customer which saves times and helps them to increase their tally.

To know performance appraisals: For every employee in the company in service sector it important that how he will get the appraisal because every person need promotions, increments and keep maintain his position in company which is in hand of manager because what manager thinks about the employee is his perception and which fully depends on perception. Thus perception help the employees as well as managers to take various decisions regarding company.

Checking loyalty: from the perceptions of the managers the company can know the loyalty of the employees loyalty who are willing to work for long time in company or not because if they can identify it that it can help them to make decision regarding their increment should be done or not.

Productivity: the productivity of company can also be helpful due to perception because when a company employees needs and wants are well read by managers than it becomes easy to treat them and can make more production if their needs and demand are fulfilled thus its important for productivity in service sector.

Job satisfaction: this is the most important point for any sector and for every people who are doing job, thus the every person who do job want job satisfaction thus so to give the this satisfaction the managers have to be very precious to make perception about their needs and demand because if any mistake is done in reading their mind...
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