P.O.B Sba

Topics: Caribbean, Entrepreneur, Management Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: April 4, 2011
The successful completion of this school based assessment (SBA) would have been more challenging without the assistance of Mrs. Batchelor, who is the researcher’s teacher. Therefore, the researcher would like to express gratitude to her for the guidance she provided along the way. The assistance you all gave, made this script one that is worthy of presentation. Thank you.

Description of the Business
Role of the Entrepreneurs
Use of Technology
Potential for Growth (Internal)
Justification of Location
Selection of Appropriate Labour
Sources of Fixed and Working Capital
Type of Production
Levels of Production
Quality Control Measures
Potential for Growth (External)
Government Regulations
Ethical Issues


This School Based Assessment (SBA) is a requirement for the researcher to pursue Principles of Business in the Caribbean Examination Counsel (CXC), which was presently changed to the Caribbean Secondary Examination Counsel (CSEC). This SBA contributes to 20% of the final grade for this subject. This is a production plan which is done in three profiles (profile i, profile ii, and profile iii). Profile I looks at the description of the business, the roles of the entrepreneurs, the use of technologies, and the internal potential for growth; profile II looks at justifying the location, the selection of appropriate labour, sources of fixed and working capital, type of production, levels of production, quality control measures and linkages; and profile III looks at the external potential for growth, government regulations and the ethical issues. This project basically gives an insight of the production plan of establishing a multi-operational restaurant. This project can serve as a guide to persons wishing to be an entrepreneur of a restaurant. A variety of dishes will be made in BETTA’S CUISINE LIFESTYLE...
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