P&G Innovation Strategy

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Innovation Strategy
What is Our Innovation Strategy?
We Want to Connect with You
What is Our Innovation Focus?
Innovation Examples
How can we connect?
Connect + Develop EU Team
Connect + Develop Overview (PDF format)
Connect + Develop Brochure (PDF format)
What is Our Innovation Strategy?Innovation in the Box/Our innovation strategy is an approach we call Connect + Develop through which Procter & Gamble is seeking to build a global innovation network. While we invent most of our products in our own labs, we want half of the new ideas to come from outside.

Today's consumer market is global in reach, but remains driven by the cultural preferences and demands of communities from Latin America to Africa to Southeast Asia and beyond. Through our Connect + Develop relationships, we continually search for products, packaging, technologies and commercial opportunities that can be reapplied to our brands and rapidly introduced to better meet consumers' diverse needs. We are accelerating these internal research and development efforts by seeking to leverage the ideas, talents and innovation assets of individuals, institutes and companies around the world.

Our Research & Development efforts cover 150 areas of science. Because the wealth of knowledge in these areas is not limited to our own Research & Development resources, Connect + Develop is our way to encourage more open innovation. It is a way of leveraging internally and externally developed innovation assets. We are developing mutually beneficial relationships with the talents and technologies of today's most inspired minds and capabilities.

back to top We Want to Connect with YouDo you have a new product, technology or process that addresses an unmet consumer need? Can you offer a significant new benefit to one of Procter & Gamble's existing product categories?

If your answer is "Yes", then the next step in the Connect + Develop process is yours. Get connected and make a difference. back...
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