P&G Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Marketing research Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Zack von Schneidau
Case study: Proctor and Gamble Inc.: Scope
1. Problem Definition

Canada held scope as one of the highest market leaders and today shares the greatest market share. Scope was able to capture the market in 1990 with positioning itself as a great tasting mouthwash that is refreshing and prevents bad breath. These days a new company is taking over a part of the mouthwash industry except they are focusing on specifically plaque fighting abilities. The new company that is taking a roll I the existing market is Plax, they are gaining market share and proctor needs to come up with a different marketing campaign. How can we as Proctor & Gamble gain more back more of the market in the mouthwash industry and increase sales in Canada with a the state of the new market?

2. Situational Analysis
There are several aspects of the situational analysis we have to look at for Proctor & Gamble. Internally we should highlight the strengths that scope brand brings to Proctor & Gamble but also recognize our weaknesses so we can correct those. Moreover there are aspects of the external environment that need to be addressed. The opportunities are clearly out there for P&G and to exploit those would be necessary to gain a greater market share. We need to also make sure that while we are taking calculated risks on the opportunities we have to be aware of the threats that could harm the company and brand. The first thing to look at is the history and experience behind the Scope brand with oral hygiene. We set ourselves apart because we offer a much better tasting mouthwash than other companies. We also offer a higher-quality product compared to other companies. P&G’s Scope also shares the highest market share in the industry. So our strengths consist of: Experience in the oral hygiene industry

Taste and flavor are superior
High-quality product
Highest market share in the industry
When looking at the weaknesses of the company we have...
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