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Procter & Gamble is faced with the decision to change the name of their feminine pad/napkin products from “Always” to “Whisper”. The Singapore operation increasingly depended on P&G Japan, which used Whisper since P&G was blocked from using Always. The strategies for name change come in three alternatives: (1) the name change would be introduced swiftly; (2) the name change could be phased in for different items at different times; and (3) Whisper products could be introduced and co-exist with Always. Analysis

To better evaluate the case, P&G’s marketing mix will be used to identify the internal and external factors that will affect the business. Customer
The customer for this type of product would be women beginning in their puberty stage to their adult lives (ages 15 to 50 years old). It was also mentioned in the case that the product Always tended to be used by younger and highly educated women. It would be worthy to note that the population comprise more of women. Thus, there are great potentials in the catamenial market. Given these details, it would be an important factor to consider the behaviour and lifestyle of this market segment. As mentioned in the case, the market was affected by demographic trends and social values since women bought and used the product discreetly. Always is only second to Kotex in terms of market share in Singapore, thus, much emphasis should be given to maintaining customer loyalty for this market segment. Since P&G distributes its products to 180 countries all over the world, it would be essential for the company to customize its marketing strategies for each country. Collaboration

The collaborators here would be the wholesalers and retailers. These comprise of supermarkets, mini grocery stores and convenience stores. Since feminine pads are products continuously used by women on a monthly basis, product availability would be an important factor to consider. With the presence of major competitors in the feminine pad market, Procter and Gamble should make it convenient for customers to avail the product through its distribution channels. Competition

In Singapore, there are three major competitors in the feminine pad market: Kotex, the market leader with a 35% market share, Always is second with a 25% market share and Kao Laurier had 20% market share, and eight other brands competed for the remaining market share. In terms of price, Always had the highest price compared to the two other brands. This justifies why Always was frequently used by women under the high income segments. P&G was able to effectively communicate its position in the market and that is to be a premium product. Amidst the company’s impressive competitive status, P&G is considering to change the name of the brand from Always to Whisper because of the success in launching this product name in Japan. Company

Procter and gamble is undoubtedly a prominent company. P&G is an American multinational company manufacturing consumer goods. P&G ranked 14th in the fortune 500 and 42nd among industrial countries worldwide. P&G earned success because of its continuous innovation of products that has changed the lives of many consumers. Thus, among the important factors that P&G should take into account is to maintain its strong brand image. In this industry, competition is fierce. The company should maintain an image of integrity being in the consumer product industry. There is the presence of a strong rival which is Unilever. Both companies compete head to head in various consumer products. For P&G to maintain and increase its market share, it should intensify its marketing strategy by making P&G products “top of mind” brand. P&G should also explore the opportunity of introducing new (first of its kind) consumer products to maintain “leadership” in a product line. As a consumer products manufacturer, P&G must strive to...
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