P.E Issue Analysis

Topics: Manchester United F.C., Premier League, The Football League Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: June 17, 2010
Should Salary caps be introduced into the English Premier League to make it more than a four team competition? Since the beginning of the English Premier League there have been four major football teams which consist of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. In the last twenty years Manchester United have bagged twelve Premier League championships, Chelsea have won two, Liverpool have won two and Arsenal have won three. Other than Blackburn Rovers no other premier league football team has been able to even shake the outcome of the ladder and the dominance of these four teams cannot be underestimated. In recent times there has been talk about the English Premier League being a four team competition that is not nearly a fair competition as not all teams compete equally. In order to make this more even many people believe that a salary cap should be introduced so that the richer clubs cannot simply buy their way to a premiership. However, others disagree as the English Premier league strives to be the best and most entertaining football league in the world. If a salary cap is introduced the quality of players in England will decrease significantly because they will sign at another club in a different country who are willing to pay a lot more for their talent. This will threaten the amount of supporters and TV deals the league will receive which is currently the main source of income. Adam Barr, an experienced Football journalist located in the Bleacher Report stated “What I think should happen is all of the Premier League Clubs' money should be reduced. I believe it is a bit early to jump straight to a salary cap, but something definitely has to change to make the competition more even” Adam then goes on to say that if all of the premier league clubs reduce all their income by once percent this money should then be distributed to league one and two teams. He says this will not have a massive impact on most of the team in the premier league is it is not...
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