P Plate Laws

Topics: Miles per hour, Automobile, Driving Pages: 2 (984 words) Published: May 9, 2011
The new p plate laws.
They are there not to be broken but to save the lives of the young and inexperienced drivers. Since the new laws have been introduced more than 15,000 P-Plate drivers have been stripped of their licence in Victoria alone which shows that these ‘hoons’ don’t care about the law and even tougher rules need to be put in place. The new P-Plate laws, which are being enforced Australia wide, include having only 1 passenger between the age of 16-21 while you are on your Red P Plates, not driving a turbo or super charged vehicle, or driving a vehicle that has more than 6 cylinders. You are also required to drive 120 hours before being able to obtain your P Plates. The new P Plate laws that have been put in place are definitely working and reducing the death toll on our roads. It was reported in the herald sun that since the new p plate laws have been introduced there has been a 21% decrease in deaths on our roads among p platers. Eric Roozendal the roads minister has said he is “heartened to see that fatality rates have fallen for red P Plate drivers - which were the main target of the reforms”. Not only is he delighted with the way the new laws are working but other drivers or drivers to be are as well, like 19 year old L Plater Meg Walster who is even more excited about getting her P Plates because she is encouraged in the fact that it is safer to drive thanks to the new p plate laws. However some hoons still don’t get the message. These hoons seem to think they can do whatever they like because they will not be caught or because they are showing off to their friends. One of the main laws to be broken is going over the speed limit. Last year more than 11,400 P plate drivers were caught speeding and nearly 200 of those were caught speeding [pause] more than 45 km/h over the speed limit. Not even very experienced drivers could handle the speeds at which some of the new p platers were going at, what made them think they could? A very good example...
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