Topics: World population, Overpopulation, Population Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Dealing with An Overpopulated World

The current world population is estimated to be 7,021,836,029 and the population is expected to double in fifty-four years or so. The Philippines estimated population today is 103,775,002, thus making it the 12th. most populated country in the world today (CIA Fact book). Of this population, 34.6% is composed of those 14y/o and below and 4.3% are above 65 years of age. With a growth rate of 1.873%, the Philippines ranks as 63rd among the countries with the highest growth rate.

Along with overpopulation comes a host of problems. The Earth will not be able to continue to sustain an ever increasing population. Imagine what it will be like if the population density is so high that we only have standing room left! There is a limit to the adequate supply of nutritious food that families can partake of to maintain good health. Water is a precious commodity which will run dry if the population grows unchecked. With overpopulation come the demand for more housing, more work, more food, more health care services and the un-avoidable tons of garbage which we humans tend to produce in our daily lives. Drive your car to an intersection or take a jeepney ride and bare-footed children in dirty, worn clothes go aboard the jeepneys too, asking for alms which would surely not buy enough food to satisfy the hungry rumblings of their stomachs. Busy intersections are always busy too with street children begging or women carrying a child across their waist or a blind man being assisted by an able and strong companion. Have you ever wondered why he isn’t out somewhere else earning a living so he can help his blind relative instead of leading the blind out on the streets to beg for help?

Overpopulation ushers in poverty. Shouldn’t the children be in school? They are after all supposed to be the future backbone of the country. What will their contribution to the country’s economy be in future? With overpopulation and poverty education...
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