Outline of the Perfect Vacation

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Aubrey Lemna
Hour: 2

Extemporaneous Outline

How to go on the perfect vacation

General Purpose:
To inform

Specific Purpose:
At the end of my speech, my audience should be able to plan the perfect vacation.

I. (AGD): Imagine yourself, on a beautiful island in the middle of the turquoise blue ocean with your significant other, soaking up the glorious sun rays getting that vitamin D, and the only sound you can hear is the warm tropical breezes ruffle the palm trees.

II. (Background):

A. A tragic and horrible vacation?
1. PLAN!
B. A glorious and splendid vacation?
1. Let’s do it again!
2. Plan even better

III. (Thesis Statement): Knowing how to plan your vacation can make it go so much smoother by knowing where you’re going, how to save money, and what things you’ll be doing on your vacay.

IV. (Key Point #1): Where you’re going
A. Plane or car?
B. How long you’re staying
C. Hotel
V. (Key Point #2): Money
A. Savings or loans
B. What date are you going
VI. (Key Point #3): What you’ll be doing on Vacation
A. With who?
B. Activities
C. Meals

VII. (Restated Thesis): Understanding how to plan your vacation by knowing where you are going, how to save money for the trip, and what activities you’ll be doing makes your vacation so much more enjoyable.

VIII. (Call to Action): Let’s Get this relaxation vacation started! A. Reminisce on the feeling of nothing to worry about but what you’re going to wear B. Remember the steps to planning

1. Where
2. Money
3. Activities

IX. (Concluding Statement): don’t wait until last minute with the buildup of stress. Get organized and get your planning started ASAP so your vacation can be one to remember.
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