Organizational Structure

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Organizational structure is the way a business organizes their companies and employees so work and goals can be accomplished on a short and long term basis. They are determined and influenced by certain functions within the organization. These functions include marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. Also to determine the design of the structure for the organization your look at the geographic, customer-base, products and services offered, separate departments, and more. In this paper we will discuss the organizational structure of First Volunteer Bank, describing and comparing to two other organizations, evaluating its functions, and explaining the design that supports the structure. First Volunteer Bank has horizontal and vertical structures within the organization, with a mixture of functional and divisional forms known as a matrix organization. (TEXTBOOK REFERENCE) The first part of the paper will describe First Volunteers organizational structure and compare it to two others. First Volunteer Bank has a vertical and horizontal organizational structure because it is a larger organization that has authority levels CEO, Board of Directors, and hierarchical levels along with a matrix organization departmentalized into functional and divisional forms. (textbook pg 287) It has different sub units and departments for different functions in the bank but the major decisions still come from the top down. First Volunteer Bank has 36 banks located over East Tennessee and north Georgia that are divided in Areas number one through five. Each area has an area leader and each bank has a bank manager, market leader, commercial loan officer, retail loan officer, and lower levels employees. The bank also has a general office where the human resource department, finance, security, training, call center, debit card department, and more are located. These departments each have their own managers that make decisions for that department. Each department and bank have...
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