Organizational Behavior vs. Organizational Psychology

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Introducing Behaviour in Organisations
SH = Stakeholders

What is organisational behaviour?
“Systemic study + individuals, groups, organisations + high perf org = stakeholders” Assumes people are the most important asset

What is organisational psychology?
APS: the science of people at work

What do organisational psychologists do?
Org psycs analyse orgs + people + devise strategies = rec, motiv, dev, change + inspire

Organisational behaviour v Organisational psychology?
Individual behaviour
Macro factors
Psycs ONLY macro factorsbehaviour
Behvariety of disci

Contribution of Social Sciences to Organisational Behaviour
Social Psychology
Pol Science

“Growing eco independence + countries = volume + transactions + goodstechnology” Positive effects
Wage for skilled
Eco conditions
Goods at low prices
Negative effects
Wage for unskilled
Job displacement
Eco conditions
Union power

Globalisation and Organisational behaviour
The GFC = ‘we sink or swim together’
Need to adopt a global perspective
Need to bridge scholarship + practice
Need to promote sustainable values

Adopting a global perspective
Global Sourcing:
Re-conceiving sources of advantage
Mastering new mech to build adv
Adopting new appdev new strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility
“Societial oblig + orgs + transcend + profits”
Moral conduct towards SH impacts org wealth

Implementing ethical management practises
Bus ethics: “study of moral/ethical choices”
Conflicts of interests
Concerns over following orders
Meeting aggro business objectives
Helping the org survive

Research in Organisational behaviour
Scientific method: IV and DV+ Control

Best Practice
“Method of managing proven to be effective”
Linked to vision, values, management practices, HRM practices and corp governance

Job Analysis

What is job analysis?
“Defines and describes a job”
Objective assessment and testing
Ensure each job is clearly defined
Allow a ‘fit’ b/w employee and job
Classify jobs
Classify workers
Perf apprais
Identify training needs
Job restruct
Staff planning
Job descript

Why use job analysis?
Maximise % of finding best person for the job
Enables suitable selection + appraisal
Improves legal defensibility

Job analysis outcomes?
Job description: inform applicants of core duties and responsibilities Job specification: details min acceptable skills/characteristics for eff job perf Job evaluation: describes monetary value of specific job

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Other attributes
KSAOs are an outcome of job analysis
“Characteristics req by workers to perf job eff”
Education, personality trait, specific skills etc
Job vs. Worker orientations
Task performed (duties, functions & responsibilities)
Task statements
Rating of task
Statement by SMEs
Attributes needed
KSAO statements
SME ratings of KSAOs

What are KSAOs?
K: info/facts needed. Can be taught
S: needed to perform task. Demonst by doing
A: enduring and innate
O: personal/dispositional qualities
Process of KSAO identification
SME input  look at criteria on the basis of:
Necessary for new workers
If it is practical to expect
The degree of trouble likely is KSAO is absent
If KSAO distinguishes superior + avg workers

Job Analysis Methods
Question: SMEs to gather insights
Observe: tasks performed + record
Produce: list of tasks  Survey: for accuracy
Job analysis outcome
KSAOS can now be evaluated to find:
Level of qualification required
Type of personality characteristics needed
Availability of these KSAOs in labour market

Qualitative job analysis
Job observation:
For new/difficult jobs
Considers job enviro
Lots of considerations
Job participation:
Analyst performs job
Lots of considerations

Quantitative job analysis
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