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Organisational Behaviour Models

By taufiq1977 Apr 21, 2014 691 Words
Before I start to narrate about our organizational behavior for which model it follows, we need get a clear idea about what is organizational behavior……….. Organizational behavior (OB) is "the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the interface between human behavior and the organization, and the organization itself." OB can be divided into Micro OB (the study of individuals in organizations), Meso OB (the study of work groups), and Macro OB (the study of how organizations behave). According to Miner (2006) when organizational behavior began the overlap between the well established scientific fields of organizational psychology was pronounced and there were even moves to try and incorporate industrial and organizational psychology into business schools in the United States. Although there are subtle differences, there is still a lot of confusion as to the difference between organizational behavior and organizational psychology as Jex and Britt (2008) point out. Now let’s have a look on the most known organizational behavior models……….. Model of Organizational Behavior

There are five model of organizational behavior, such as-
1. Autocratic Model,
2. Custodial Model,
3. Collegial Model,
4. Supportive Model, and 
5. System Model.

Autocratic Model: The basis of this model is power with a managerial orientation of authority. The employees in turn are oriented towards obedience and dependence on the boss. The employee need that is met is subsistence. The performance result is minimal. Custodial Model: The basis of this model is economic resource with a managerial orientation of money. The employees in turn are oriented towards security and benefits and dependence on the organization. The employee need that is met is security. The performance result is passive co-operation. Collegial Model: The basis of this model is partnership with a managerial orientation of teamwork. The employees in turn are oriented towards responsible behavior and self-discipline. The employee need that is met is self-actualization. The performance result is moderate enthusiasm. Supportive Model: The basis of this model is leadership with a managerial orientation of support. The employees are turn is oriented towards job performance and participation. The employee need that is met is recognition. The performance result is awakened drives. System Model: An emerging model of organizational behavior is the system model. It is the result of a strong search for higher meaning at work by many of today employees. They want more than a pay-check and job security from their job. In this model helps for gowning sense of community among co-worker. Under the system model manager try to convey to each other that you are an important part of your whole system. We sincerely care about of you. We want to join together to achieve a better product or service local community and society at large. Make friendly environment, self motivation of the employee. They take responsibility to achieve their own goals. Trust to the employee psychology co-operative explains the best model of organizational model. Model of Organization Behavior:

Basis of Model
Economic Resources
Trust, Community Meaning
Managerial Orientation
Team Work
Caring Compassion
Employee Orientation
Security & Benefit
Job Performance
Responsible Behavior
Psychological Ownership
Employee Psychological Result
Dependence on Boss
Dependence on Organization
Self Discipline
Self Motivation
Employee Needs met
Status and recognition
Self Actualization
Wide Range
Performance Result
Basic Co-operation
A wakened drive
Moderate corporation
Commitment to Organizational rules
Defense Team
Garments Factory
Software Firm
Social Organization
Some Corporate Firms

So now as much as I noticed I found our organization to follow somewhere Partnership & somewhere System model. Coz………………. Our organization trusts on all the employees.
We work like a team.
All of us I found to work with responsibility.
All the employee I found self disciplined & self motivated.
All of the employees have self actualization & wants to work in wide range. Employees are committed to the organizational rules.
In this means I would like to say that though our organization following two rules but in this mix I found that our organization is having the best organizational behavior which may be counted as a new model of organizational behavior which I would like to name as Moderate practical Rule of organizational behavior.

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