Org Chem Liquid Phase Chromatography

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Experiment 4 – Liquid Phase Chromatography
I. Objectives
This experiment’s goal is to explore one-dimensional and two-dimensional paper chromatography. II. Schematic Diagram of the Procedure
Wash leaves, cut
them into smaller
pieces; in a mortar
macerate them in
circular motion

Add 8mL ethyl
alcohol to extract
pigments, continue
macerating until
finely grounded

Transfer extract to
evaporating dish,
allow to conc, don't
let extract to dry

Concentration may
de done by boiling
off some solvent
with hot plate or
hair blower

Allow solvent to dry
and dab another

Dab extract onto
paper, along 4mm
of starting line,
using capillary tube

Draw two lines: (1)
starting line 1.5cm
above V point, (2)
finish line 1cm
below other end

Cut strip of
paper (1cmx10cm),
cut one end into Vshaped edge

Repeat dabbing 58times to build up
concentrated spot

Put 2mL
solvent into 6" test

Bend paper clip,
attach to cork
stopper; attach
paper strip, this
should not touch
the glass

Watch solvent rise
up the paper,
carrying and
separating the
pigments as it goes

Calculate Rf of each

Measure distances
travelled by
pigments and

Mark boundaries
and center of
colored streaks
using pencil

When solvent
reaches top,
remove paper and
let it dry

Using same
paper, visualize other
possible pigments in
test tube chamber
cont. iodine crystals

Note appearnce of
brown pigments,
remove from
chamber, mark with
pencil, calculate Rf

Label paper chrom
and submit to

III. Table of Reagents/Products (MSDS-material safety data sheet) Rgt/Pdt


Physical Properties



Boiling Point: 78.5°C
Melting Point:-114.1°C
Density: 0.789g/mL
Appearance: Clear,
colorless liquid


Boiling Point: 133°F
Melting Point: -137.2°F
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