Operations Management

Topics: Management, Homework, Problem solving Pages: 8 (2465 words) Published: October 13, 2014
The HKUST Business School
Master of Science in Global Operations
ISOM 5700 Operations Management
Fall 2014

Professor Albert Y. Ha
Department of Information System, Business Statistics and Operations Management Room 4023, LSK Business Building
(852) 2358 7724

Teaching Assistant:

Edmond Ho

Course web site: http://lmes2.ust.hk

Course Description
Operations management is the management of business processes that produce tangible goods or intangible services. Due to globalization and advances in information technology, these business processes are becoming much more complex. As a result, there are more opportunities for firms to build competitive advantages through excellent operations management. In many industries, process innovation allows firms to establish new business models that create significant value to their customers. The success of companies like Amazon.com, Apple Computer, Li & Fung and Zara highlights the importance of supply chain management. The quest for better customer service and lower cost in many service industries calls for more effective and efficient operations management. This course provides a general introduction to operations management and focuses on the tools, principles and best practices related to managing operations. It is designed to serve as the foundation for students to take more advanced courses in operations management. There will be lectures, cases, and an in-class simulation exercise. There will be written homework assignments and a final exam. The exam is open-book, open-note.

Course Objectives
1. Understand operations from a general management perspective 2. Learn tools, analytical frameworks and general principles for managing operations 3. Improve problem solving skills and the ability to think critically and independently


Grading Scheme
Class participation 10%; homework 40%; final exam 50%

Course Materials
1. The textbook Matching Supply with Demand by Gerard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch, McGraw Hill.
2. All other course materials such as PowerPoint notes, cases, articles, solutions to homework assignments and exam review problems are available at the course web site http://lmes2.ust.hk.
3. PowerPoint presentation slides of each class are available at the course web site http://lmes2.ust.hk on the next day after that class.

Important Policies
1. Submit your homework assignment by email to Edmond (imhcf@ust.hk) before the class that the assignment is due. Late submission will be not accepted. 2. All the homework assignments are group work. You can discuss the assignments only with your group members or the instructor. Each group should submit only one write-up for each homework assignment.

3. For all the cases, I expect you to be fully prepared for class discussion. 4. Your feedback is always welcome! I will be available after class for short discussion. You can also drop by my office, make appointments to see me, or send me emails or anonymous notes.

Peer Review for Group Work
Normally, members of the same group will receive the same score earned for a group assignment. If you believe that some members have not made enough contribution for an assignment, you may submit a group evaluation form by the time when the assignment is due. This group evaluation form can be downloaded from the course web site http://lmes2.ust.hk. I will use the information from these group evaluation forms subjectively to adjust the score, if necessary. I usually use this information to lower the score instead of raising it. This scheme is designed to encourage cooperation not competition among group members and to penalize free riding. Its success obviously depends on the honest and frank feedback from all of you. If you believe that all members of your group should receive the same grade for the assignment, there is no need to submit the group evaluation form.

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