Ontella Picdeck Case

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Customer persona is a conceptual and fictive character of who could be the typical customer. Shorter, it gives us a “realistic” kind of customer (with socioprofessional situation, sex, age, etc …). Of course it’s possible to have several customer persona (like in the Ontela case study). A user persona is a representation of the goals and behavior of a hypothesized group of users.

2-Which segment(s) should Ontela target?

We are comfortable choosing the young professional, I also consider the parent a viable segment. The young professional will definitely utilize the service in their business and will see the value to carry over use for personal photos thus increases their usage and dependency of the service (or vice versa). We think given the age group of this persona they will be quick to adapt to the new technology once they commit to using it. Once they commit to using it we believe it will be something that will be difficult for them to give up so they will be a regular customer.

However, we are concerned about the number of potential customer in this persona. We wonder how many 27 year olds are like Steve when he mentions he was “the last of his friends to get up on the latest technology”.

3-Based on feature/benefit analysis, what positing statements are likely to be appropriate for each of the customers?
How much do customers in the segment want/need the product/service ?2/53.5/55/5 Most attractive ontela featureeasyUseful-easyFast-easy
Most attractive benefit for the consumerSave precious momentDoing business faster from everywhere to every placeShow pictures Value to Ontela and partnersMedium value

Higher value

4,5/5Medium value

Segment sizeThis kind of people is outdated about technologies, especially in phone domain. They prefer to stay with their habits because they finally learned how to use it. If they change, the old phone has to be broke (and often, they try to find the same phone or a similar one) or it has to be really easy. Ontele promise their software is easy but we can not say the same about the support (the framework). USA : 10 millionSteve is not a user of new tech but he knows it. Today, we can assume that a young professional of 27yo has to have new tech because it’s really useful for their work (especially for estate agent) and because to have a smartphone gives entertainment.

USA : 10% of 153 million = 15.3 million (actif)Regina is the typical girl of Z generation. The girl who has its own iphone, from a middle class. She is always connected thanks to internet and mobile internet. She is able to better know all new tech that can serve her easier, faster, more usefull.

USA : 20 million

Willingness to payWill think about the family budget before the allWill have the ability to pay easilyPocket money Note:

Cost to identify, attract and serveVery hard to target.
Sarah is not a techno user. So to target this persona about a product like Ontela Picdeck, it’s kind of impossible because to know that this app exists there are 4 solutions: -App store
-Specialized magazine
-Specialized TV/Radio program (and podcast).

As we can see, Sarah is not this kind of target who will go on internet to search information (because she doesn’t know really how to use it), and as she has no smartphone with appstore, it’s impossible to target her by this. About specialized magazine, she will be not interested as much. And about specialized TV/radio program, she cans be targeting but it will be a pure hazardous. So it will cost a lot if we decide to touch her, even if the product currently gives a response to her demand. Steve has knowledge in IT and is ready to change its mobile phone. So he will access to appstore, search information on internet, his colluagues already use their cellphones to send pictures. So he will be easy to...
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