Online Recruitment

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Online recruitment
Online or e-recruitment uses the internet to advertise or 'post' vacancies, provide information about jobs and the organization and enable e-mail communication to take place between employers and candidates. The latter can apply for jobs online and can e-mail application forms and their CVs to employers or agencies. Test can be completed online.

Some organizations are using Web 2.0 technologies to search for recruits online through social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Websites such as Linkedin, which provide personal profiles, can be consulted. Other organizations are providing 'blogs' from existing employees covering their experiences in working for the organization.

The main types of online recruitment sites are corporate websites, commercial job boards and agency sites.

Commercial job boards
These are operated by specialized firms such as,, and and consist of large databanks of vacancies. Companies pay to have their jobs listed on the sites. Information about vacancies may reproduce an advertisement so that the site is simply and additional form of communication. Alternatively, some vacancies are only found online. Links may be provided to the organization's website.

Corporate websites
These may list simply vacancies and contact details. A more elaborate approach would consist of dedicated website area that gives details of vacancies, person specification, benefits and how apply for jobs by for example completing online application forms and tests. Such areas may be linked directly to an organization's home page so that general browsers can access them. An intranet link may be available to enable internal staff to access the website. Some organizations outsource the management of their website to recruitment consultants and specialized web agencies.

Agency sites
These are run by established recruitment agencies. Candidates register online but...
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