Observing Children

Topics: Motor control, Bean bag, Left-handedness Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: July 12, 2012
Observation sample – Isabella 7 years

Isabella was sitting at a child-sized table as she started to do some threading. She had sorted through the beads and commented on their colours. She gathered a selection of small beads of blues, purples, pinks and yellows and announced that she was going to make a beautiful necklace.| | She held the string in her left hand and a bead in her right hand. Using her thumb and first two fingers she pushed each bead onto the fine plastic string.| Isabella's fine motor skills allow her to thread beads onto a string.| When the hole of a bead appeared too small for the string she quickly searched through the beads to find ones with big enough holes.| Her perceptual skills allow her to identify if the hole size of the bead will be big enough for the string.| She tells the other children at the table that she is making a special pattern with the beads. As she threaded one yellow, two purple, one pink and two blue beads onto the string she asked her friends if they liked her pattern.She then offered to help S work out a pattern for her necklace.| Cognitively she is able to plan how she will make the necklace, determine what is aesthetically pleasing and then make a pattern.| When she reached the end of her string with beads she asked Scott if he could help her tie the ends together as she said the string kept slipping.| Her attention span allows her to complete a task.| When he did this she put the string of beads around her neck and said 'And isn't this a lovely necklace? I can't wait to show Nonna. In fact Nonna might like this, mightn't she?'| Socially she is able to share her experience with peers, carer and grandmother.| Developmental checklist

Skill| | Comments|
Walks along balance beam| Y| Walks quickly along balance beam, arms outstretched at 45 degree angle. Steps approximately 30 centimetres apart.| Jumps with both feet (take off and landing)| Y| Jumps from shape to shape (approx 30 - 45cm)...
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