Observation Essay Example

Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: August 2, 2005
Sand Pebbles Always Make A Zuma Summer

It was a sunny Friday afternoon when I decided to take my observations with me out into the world. I find that my imagination wanders off on its own and takes trips to the ocean without me so I figured my body had some catching up to do. With a snap of my fingers and a short ride through the canyon I found myself at my childhood playground, Zuma Beach. Without hesitation I laid my towel down upon the tiny grains and chips of rocks that the oceans might has turned into sand over the years. I took a moment to put my life on hold and gaze at what nature had to offer to me. I reflected upon all of the other places I could have been instead of standing with my toes curling in the warm sandy beach and smiled in appreciation of my situation.

It was perfect weather out for a day at the beach. The clear sky didn't have a single cloud to block the rays of the radiant sun. I could sense the feeling of ultra relaxation from the outstretched deep blue canopy above and the penetrating warmth that emanated from the sky and wrapped around my skin like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night. Every once in a while a cool breeze would pass by and ease away the sun's intense heat bath for brief moment. I could feel grains of sand gently brush over the top of my feet with each gust of wind. The crisp ocean wind flowed through my nasal cavity and stung the inside of my nose. My lungs quivered in surprise at how light and fresh the air was since it was not drudgingly thick with smog or other pollutants. As the salty smell of the water hit my nose, I thought about all the time I had spent waiting in anticipation to get that first refreshing whiff of ocean air that confirmed arrival and signaled the beginning of another exceptional beach experience.

I closed my eyes for a second to take in what I could observe through my auditory senses. The laughter of children and families enjoying the summer day brought a smile to my face...
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