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Discuss something about DBMS and its importance in data management. A good introduction should contain a discussion of any or all of the following:

a. Establish the significance of data in an organization
b. Establish a general overview of the existence of unsatisfactory condition in data management, a felt problem that needs a solution.

Note: On this portion, you must establish your comprehension and what we have discussed about DBMS.

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This section discusses the company background. Institute the company mission and vision with study objective. It also includes the setting of the identified research problem. The presentation should be directed into what the problem is investigating. It can include studies and literature, which can strengthen the reason for the investigation. The flow of the discussion should lead to the presentation of the problem: a. The existence of unsatisfactory condition, a felt problem that needs a solution. b. Show the rationale and justification of choosing the subject. c. Historical or background of the problem.

d. Geographical condition of the study locale.
e. A link between the statement of the problem and conceptual framework.

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Describe the database application and establish its purpose. Describe the database application. Enumerate the beneficiary of the database application.

It may also be view the contribution to the accumulation of knowledge, solving a problem which improves certain conditions, refinement of concepts and theories, improvement of research instrument and methods and meeting the priorities of instructions.

It indicate who are the different groups of beneficiaries, how will each group benefit from use of study of software?

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The framework should illustrate the current data management system. The paradigm should clearly present the problems encountered by using the current data management. Also it should discuss the coverage of the study in terms of the parameters of the subject being covered. The whole component of the problems will help identify the framework.

The conceptual framework presents relationship between the specifics like factors and perceptions stand and direction of the writer in the preparation. It clarifies the relationship between and among major variables of the study. This scheme is the researchers own position on the problem. An explanation of the problem or phenomenon to be studied after his review of various literature and studies which gives exposure to various concept and theories that have bearing on the problem. Consists of the investigator’s own position on a problem after his exposure to various theories that have bearing on the problem. It is the researcher’s new model which has its roots on the previous model which the researcher has studied.

It may be an adoption of the model used in a previous study with modification that will fit the present study. It is the investigator’s model which is taken from the previous model that the researcher studied, analyzed and interpreted leading to the production of new conceptual framework. Two frameworks will be presented, the current data management system and the proposed database management system. You may use the following to represent the two: CIPP or an IPO

Context Input Process Product Model (CIPP)
Developed by Daniel Stufflebeam and EgonGuba (Stufflebeam , 1975)

CONTEXT/INPUT- It consist of people directly involve to the study or possible inputs needed to be supplied to the process (information based that needed to be gathered) PROCESS- the system/software itself and the covered study which represent the universal of the project. PRODUCT/OUTPUT - expected outcome of the proposed system after using the system or after validating the study....

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