Obedience Milgram experiment

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From the film “Obedience: Research carried out at Yale University”, Volunteers were paid a small sum to participates that understood the experiment to be a study of memory and learning. In truth, Yale University’s psychologist Stanley Milgram wanted to study the willingness of subjects to obey an authority figure while this authority figure made the subjects perform acts that were in conflict with their moral conscience. The question guiding this experiment was asking to figure out to what extent obedience, behavior and conformism is persistent while performing acts that were conflicting with personal conscience. Milgram study investigated on the effects of authority on obedience by designing a research that measured qualitative results involving data that refined assumptions about social life. The study itself was preplanned by Milgram with the goal to explore individuals’ obedience levels and behavior towards an authorative figure and then in turn, generate an inductive theory moving from specific observations to broader generalizations ( also known as the bottom -up theory). Migram began with specific patterns and regularities that he detects to then formulate some tentative hypothesis to explore and finally develop a general conclusion or in this case, Milgram’s theory on obedience. The variable in this study was more of an intervened variable which was not really dependent on another variable and it was not independent either as interaction was necessary in this study. The hypothesis, that is the proposition to be tested here expresses a cause-effect relationship, which was linked to the research question itself. The research involved two volunteers, one of which was givent he role of a teacher and the other a learner. These two participants were to be obedient to a white-coated experimenter who took up the role of an authority figure. The learner was told to memorize a lists of pairs and if he/she couldn’t recall them, an electric shock was given to the...

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