O Muslim You Must Know

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1. Brigadier Muhammad Shafi Khan belongs to Rawalakot- Sudhanooti, Distict Poonch of Azad Kashmir. He graduated from PMA and also from Islamia College Railway Road Lahore. As member of the team of students of Islamia College, he worked in Gurdaspur during 1946 election. The students from Islamia College Lahore who worked for Pakistan saw their dream come true within a year.

2. He was commissioned in Pakistan army in August 1950. In 1958 he served as an instructor in PMA. In 1959 he graduated from Quetta. In 1960-61 he was staff officer of an independent Brigade in Din- Bajaur operation. In 1962-63 he graduated from fort Benning USA followed by special Warfare School at Fort Bragg USA. In 1965 he served as a company commander in Titwal. He served at GHQ and later in ISI in 1968-70. During 1971 war he commanded a Brigade in Kotli area. He operates Kashmir Study Center at Lahore, since early 1989. He took active participation in Resistance Movement in Kashmir which to him means the common cause of survival of Pakistan and Kashmir. His only wish is to see Pakistanis and Pakistan great.


3. In this book writer has discussed the thinking and hypocracy of Hindus. He has discussed many events from the beginning of 1947 till this day. He has discussed many cheatings and diplomatic behaviour of the Hindus towards the Muslims and many other minorities in India. He has discussed many riots that have occurred till today. He has given a detailed account of the Hinduism. He has also discussed the lack of interest on our side and also suggested many solutions towards these problems. He has shown many foes of us in disguise of friends.

4. People of Pakistan have a history of suffering and victimization and adverse treatment to recount; the subject of this book. Despite all these facts Pakistani Muslims will not violate any kind of security of interest of others.

5. But we must reserve the right to react:
“We ordained for therein for them, life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wound equal for equal. But if any one remits the retaliation by way of charity, it is an act of atonement for himself.”

O’ Muslims You Must Know

6. The ground reality was the real cause of partition. It sticks like a vice even after separation of over half a century. In 1999 Mr. Jaswant Singh the foreign minister of India did not shake hand with Mr. Sartaj Aziz the foreign minister of Pakistan on his formal visit to India. It tells the story of over a thousand years. Mahatma Gandhi had said “a minority of converts (meaning Muslims) did not make a nation they had no right to break a nation”. Mr. Sarojni Naidu said “if Jinnah were on congress side hundred Gandhi could not had made Pakistan”.

7. Muslim majority district Gurdas Pur was given to India to give her way to Kashmir. Previously there were two approaches to reach Kashmir-one; road and rail link from Sialkot to Jammu and other; a road from Rawalpindi to Srinagar. Mr. Jinnah was not allowed to visit Kashmir by Kashmir government. Mountbatten said to maharaja not to declare accession of the stat to India or Pakistan before 15 august. He told him “I know that you want to see your state independent, it will not happen. Mr. make up your mind or I will make it for you”. A boat bridge was constructed at Pathan kot to link India with Kashmir. On 19 July Mountbatten was told by Quaid-e-Azam that he is not acceptable to Pakistan as the common governor general of Pakistan and India. On 19 July Mountbatten entered the Jinnah office and said: MB:“do you realize what this will cost you”?

Jinnah:“It may cost me several crores of rupees in assets” MB:“It may well cost you the whole of your assets and future of Pakistan”.

8. The Akali Jathans, RSS and Jaun Sanghi marauders were inducted into the state to carry out the genocide of Muslims. The...
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