O How Human Resource Management Has Developed in the Past Few Years to Become an Integral Part of Our Organizations?

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Essay Question:
How Human Resource Management has developed in the past few years to become an integral part of our organizations? Major Field of Study:
Human Resource Management.
Human Resource Management has developed in the past few years to become an integral part of our organization. According to Armstrong, Michael (2006), “The terms "Human Resource Management" (HRM) and "human resources" (HR) have largely replaced the term "personnel management" (PM) as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations. In simple words PM means to describe activities that are necessary in the recruiting of a workforce, providing its members with payroll and benefits, and administrating their work-life needs. Torrington and hall (1987 p. 49) define PM as “a series of activities which: first enable working people and their employing organizations to agree about the objectives and nature of their working relationship and, secondly, ensures that the agreement is fulfilled" and Miller (1987 p.352) suggests that HRM relates to ".......those decisions and actions which concern the management of employees at all levels in the business and which are related to the implementation of strategies directed towards creating and sustaining competitive advantage". The early debate about HRM was conducted largely because of the absence of any data about actual practice. In recent years though much more information, both from large-scale surveys and from detailed case studies has become available. The growing body of research that seeks to examine the impact of HRM policies and practices on organizational outcome has come to a common solution saying that when individuals effectively implement these policies and practices, they provide significant economic benefit to the company. In order to learn the skills to practice good HRM in the workforce, it is integrated with many known courses of today’s date. Let’s take an example about...

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