Nvq3 Diploma - Health and Social Care

Topics: Personal life, Learning disability, Self-esteem Pages: 38 (5616 words) Published: October 14, 2012
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|Date evidence gathered: |Unit |AC | |Task A | | | | | | | |There are a number of different approaches to person centered planning, each developed for a particular context and each exerting a |305 |Ai | |powerful influence in creating changes. | | | |They reflect a different way of listening, ask different questions and fundamentally result in different actions. Below are a few | | | |stories which describe how person centered approaches made a difference. | | | | | | | |Introducing Maureen | | | |Maureen has a learning disability and difficulty communicating with people, made worse by a hearing impairment. She became gravely | | | |ill and was admitted to her local hospital. The hospital staff struggled to communicate with Maureen, and this had a dramatic impact| | | |on the way she responded to her treatment. Maureen’s key worker went straight to the hospital and explained to nursing staff how to | | | |speak with her by getting up close to her right ear and using a loud voice, while at the same time, using body language that Maureen| | | |was used to. Her key worker wrote a one page profile, and this helped hospital staff understand who Maureen was, what she liked and | | | |the kind of support she needed. When there was a change of shift, the profile enabled the new nurses to communicate with Maureen and| | | |continue with her treatment, meaning her condition improved dramatically and she was eventually able to return home. | | | | | | | |Introducing Pat | | | |Pat has Reynaud’s condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and type 2 diabetes. She is supported by her daughter Su. | | | |Together, they used the important to/important for tool to work out what Pat needed for peace of mind without feeling like she was | | | |‘bothering’ her daughter. They also used the working and not working tool to find ways of easily improving Pat’s home. They | | | |rearranged her bedroom so she could move about more easily and reach the mattress variator controls to help her get in and out of | | | |bed. Pat also said she...
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