Nursing Experience

Topics: Dialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Hemodialysis Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 15, 2014
When I was a kid back then I was dreaming of going to America. My parents advises me to study hard and pick a profession that is in demand every part of the world. I was so not prepared on what profession that is in demand so my sister Belinda who was studying Nursing at The University of Santo Tomas encouraged me to follow her footstep. I was contemplating to take Medicine but my brother Manolo who was an Intern at the Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital in Manila was complaining of sleepless night and unable to attend family reunion especially on Christmas and New Yeara eve. He would drop by just to have a quick bite of foods. So this type of work interupted my ambition of becoming a doctor. So I was back again to Nursing. On my era at that time Nursing profession were more on the ladies side except if you are gay. So took a big gamble and decided that profession. I love to take care of people and be voice of the patients especially if they do not receive the proper care that they deserve. I graduated in 1979. Took the board exam and almost landed among the top 10 where highest grade on my exam was 85% and my score was 81.3 %. Too bad I did not made it but satisfied enough that I passed it with flying colors compared to my Summa Cum Laude who got 75%. Right then I went directly to practice Emergency Room nursing which I love it very much due to I could practice all the fields that I studied. Being in the E.R. it requires intelligence, able to identify the problem of your patient thru the sign and symptom they are manifesting, laboratory result, chest x-ray report, CT scan report and other test that were done. Anticipation on what will happen next and what is your solution before that problem comes in. Being in the field of nursing even getting you license is not enough to make you to be good on what you had studied as basic knowledge. You had to constantly take advance learning skill like continuing education in regards to your specialty or other specialty to...
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