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Topics: Water, Oxygen, Water quality Pages: 6 (1591 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Comparing Dissolved Oxygen in the Woods, the Wet Area near the Succession Plots, the Winthrop Lake, and the Wetlands

Isis Nelson
Dr. McCulloch
BIOL 203

March 8, 2013
Title: Multiple comparisons between different locations with dissolved oxygen. Is there a difference in the dissolved oxygen in the wetlands, woods, lake, and water area near the succession plots? Dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen that appears inside water. This experiment was tested over Winthrop University’s school ground wetlands. The wetlands are proximately about 1.1 acres in length. Also the amount of dissolved oxygen in the wet area that is close to the succession plot may have been influenced by the bug’s activity. The Winthrop woods are naturally made without the help of mankind and represents the natural structures of habitats for different species. Like the lake and the wetlands versus the woods, the results show that there is a greater amount dissolved oxygen in the water sources with the most activity. Leading with this, the water near the succession plots did have the most dissolved oxygen could be because there is bug activity and vegetation that increases the amount of dissolved oxygen. Introduction

This is experiment focused on dissolved oxygen within different water locations. The hypothesis is, if there is a correlation between dissolved oxygen and water activity, and also in the wetlands there will be a greater amount of dissolved oxygen. Swanson, H.A. and Baldwin, H.L. from Water Quality stated, “Rapidly moving water, such as in a mountain stream or a large river, tends to contain a lot of dissolved oxygen, whereas stagnant water contains less. Bacteria in water can consume oxygen as organic matter decays (USGS Georgia Water Science Center).” Dissolved oxygen is the term used for the amount of oxygen in water. The aquatic life such as fish, animals, and the underwater plant life need dissolved oxygen to survive. If there is a lot of dissolved oxygen in the water then the fish will overpopulate using too much dissolved oxygen and if there is less dissolved oxygen then there will be less fish in the water. This goes for bacteria also producing a green film (algae) on top of the water if there is a great amount of dissolved oxygen. If this may occur, the aquatic life will be deprived of oxygen and die. Other factors affecting dissolved oxygen could be the weather temperature, rain fall, and surface area. If the surface area is greatly decreased then the amount of oxygen will be less in the body of water. Also the hotter the temperature of water, the less dissolved oxygen it will have. An organization called APEC, implied, “Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to the amount of oxygen dissolved in water and is particularly important in limnology (aquatic ecology). Oxygen comprises approximately 21% of the total gas in the atmosphere; however, it is much less available in water. The amount of oxygen water can hold depends upon temperature (more oxygen can be dissolved in colder water), pressure (more oxygen can be dissolved in water at greater pressure), and salinity (more oxygen can be dissolved in water of lower salinity). Many lakes and ponds have anoxic (oxygen deficient) bottom layers in the summer because of decomposition processes depleting the oxygen (APEC).” Materials and Methods

In this experiment, we set out to determine the area with the greatest dissolved oxygen. This experiment was tested in Rock Hill, South Carolina at The Winthrop Recreational Research Complex location. Using a dissolved oxygen probe connected to a LabQuest Vernier with the software Logger Pro, the experiment was tested in the woods, wetlands, lake, and a water area near the woods. In each location there were five samples taken to be tested. Every location had the samples taken in different positions inside the area. Within each water location tested, the first sample of water was taken half a meter...
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