Notes on digestion

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Define the following terms:

Digestion is the breakdown of large insoluble food substances in small and soluble one by means of mechanical and chemical actions.

It is a series of alternate contraction and relaxation of the circular and longitudinal muscles, producing a wave-like motion to move food down the oesophagus, from the mouth to the stomach.

It is the hydrolysis of a few large fat globules into many small and soluble fat molecules.

Transpiration is the loss of water vapour from the exposed parts of a plant; by evaporation from the leaves, stems and branches and by the escape of water vapour through the stomata.

Respiration is the breakdown of glucose molecules to synthesize(produce) energy.there are two types of respiration: aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration.

Consider the food chain below:

Algae →larvae →crabs →fish


The producer; algae
One carnivore; fish
One herbivore; larvae
The secondary consumer; crabs

(b)Which organism can use solar energy directly to make its food? Plants, here it is algae.

(c) suggest what would happen to this food chain , if all crab were killed ? The number of larvae would increase and the population of fish would decrease as their food source would be missing.

(d)What do the arrow between the organism represent?
They represent the flow of energy from one tropic level to another. It means 'eaten by'.

The diagram below shows the transverse section of two parts of plant.

 B X

Which section X or Y comes from the root ?
……………………....................part X

Label parts A-B on section X:

A: Xylem B: phloem

Which parts of on section Y correspond to parts A and B on diagram X/

Inner part(shaded black) xylem vessels. Outer part(white)...
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