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ACCG908 CPA – Strategic Management Accounting
Class 1

Appendix 1.1 to Module 1
Creating Organisational Value
Class 1 – Introduction to Unit and to Your Exam Planning
Review of Assumed Knowledge contained in Appendix 1 to Module 1 prepared by Patrick Gallagher North Ryde Unit Convenor using CPA 104 Study Guide Module 1 © CPA Australia
Session 2 2014
READING THE MODULE is the most important thing to do before each class!

Introduction to class in SMA
� We will be concentrating on the following in our classes:
� Making study of SMA enjoyable and rewarding
� You attaining full appreciation of the professional significance of the important content contained in this Macquarie Post grad unit and the
CPA Australia Study Guide.
� Ensuring that your understandings as a postgraduate student are thorough and that the importance of research is appreciated fully.
� Preparing you thoroughly for success in both the Macquarie University assessment and the CPA Australia exams by:
� Emphasising the importance of YOU reading carefully and understanding every page of the CPA Study Guide and ALSO being fully aware of the CPA
Australia content that occurs throughout the session in the ‘CPA Australia
My Online Learning’ website.
� Explaining throughout the session the dangers of open book exams and relevant examination concepts including approaches to multiple choice exams and short answer questions.

� Review contents of the ACCG908 CPA- Strategic Management
Accounting Unit Guide

� Review contents of the ACCG908 CPA- Strategic Management
Accounting Assessment Guide
� Analyse and explain class timing (class diary in Assessment Guide)
� Assessment and assessment timing.
� Discuss minor presentations and feedback sheet.

� As stated in the Unit Guide and Assessment Guide … including
� Current CPA Australia Segment Study Guide for CPA104 Strategic Management
� iLearn and iLearn PowerPoint screens for each

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