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The humanistic subject
Rhetoric as techne-ways of seeing

Todays goals: understand these concepts
Meta- communication in context of class readings
The humanistic subject (in Michael franti’s words, what it means to be a human bein ya’ll) Rhetoric as techne
Different way of seeing or of pating attention
How this class fits into your education

Meta0communication in context of class readings
Distinguishing between observing and concluding
Using textual evidence to get us on the same page, metaphorically and literally Ask the most basic rhetorical Qs texts
Who is or are the authors?
What seems to be the purpose?
What audicence or audiences does the author seem to be addressing? What methods of techniques are use (language use, imagery, sentence structure form of addressing, register, etc)? The humanistic subject

Rhetoric as a part of humanistic
Liberal arts education

Today’s readings atwill
Why a liberal arts degree- to pass on culture to the un social elite Talked about common sense-

Discourse community
Dear abby is the name of the advice colum founded in 1956 by paulien Phillips under the pen name abigal wan buren Common interest communicate thru approved channels forums, reulated disscourse

Scary movies- intertexuality knowing when someone runs up the stairs they are going to get killed

Interability- when a movie refers to another movie, just an example

Review of intertextuality
Discourse community

1. sophists and what they did for a living
2. 2 yes aristole placed pmphasis on logical arguents and a speakers knowledge of a subject 3. which sophist developed the maxim that there are two sides to every issue- protagorn got at the idea of the issue, make some claim about something , you can get people that have two different sides- argumentation that’s how we define the issues between both sides

sophists- opinion, truth, wisdom, knowledge and stlye

does eloquence merel gloss over what is truly knowledgeable and wise

can learning by imitation teach eloquence, wisdom or lead to knowledge?

review of Monday discussion

aristole- views rhetoric as an art discourse and high premium on orders and what they know is what they say, important to know what your talking about knowledge comes from the observations of the world

think of Aristotle as the father of impericasism. We rely on all our senses and then make inferences aristole firm believer they should know of what they speak, make logical arguments, and base their knowledge of their observations of the world, its an art but an art that has a method


protagorist was widely respected for his intellect to rhetoric, was not easily dismissed by style

yes- in encomium of Helen, does gorgia defend the view that speech is comparable to witchcfrator has effects like drugs have on one’s body pg 41 talks about witchcraft
yes- Isocrates who viewed himself as the sophist, criticizes sophists in against the sophists

jasinski offers us a broad and narrow definition of doxa
narrow=opinion, belieft, uncertain or ambigious topics or realms of experience, appeareance dichotomy
plato doesn’t like doxa
deals with relative circumstances
sees cosmos as in flux
values styles appearances
deals with practicalities the concrete the political
deals with exgencies
embraces aurality debate
deals with contigent relational situated trusts

deals with certainties
absolute conditions
sees cosmos as fixed, eternal
places substance above style
ideal, the abstract
whatis the trilogy of greek rhetoric that poulakos refers to and how do practice and relection fit into a discussion about it

what is the specific sophistic definition of rhetoric proposed by poulakos and what does it mean? Tries to capture what is appropaitate and oppourtuen moments, what to say at the right time

why is it important to conceive of rhetoric as art, according to poulakos? To crafit that a has a created element , that you can always adapt and change things

What does it means to say that a rhetor is compelled to speak by a sense of urgency?

What are the meaning of kairos and to prepon and why are they important to a sophistic understanding of rhetoric Kairos dictates what must be said must be at the right time, to prepon the idea every occasion calls for certain expecations, the diaton the element of the future

What is a consideration of the possible

How is a rhetorician concerned with the possible?

Kairos the oppoturn moment to prepot that appropriate the dynaton the poissble Yes, according to wayne booth you are a rhetorician

“ a natural contxt of person, events, objects, relationship and exgincey that strongly invites an utterance

artistic proofs
invention, disposition, delivery, stlye, memory

inartistic proofs
statement of facts
oaths, laws
documents, contracts

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