Nfis: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference

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ANFIS: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems
Adriano Cruz Mestrado NCE, IM, UFRJ

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Introduction ANFIS Architecture Hybrid Learning Algorithm ANFIS as a Universal Approximatior Simulation Examples

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ANFIS: Artificial Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems ANFIS are a class of adaptive networks that are funcionally equivalent to fuzzy inference systems. ANFIS represent Sugeno e Tsukamoto fuzzy models. ANFIS uses a hybrid learning algorithm

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Sugeno Model
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Assume that the fuzzy inference system has two inputs x and y and one output z . A first-order Sugeno fuzzy model has rules as the following: Rule1: If x is A1 and y is B1 , then f1 = p1 x + q1 y + r1 Rule2: If x is A2 and y is B2 , then f2 = p2 x + q2 y + r2

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Sugeno Model - I



W1 X A2 Y


W2 X x f1=p1x+q1y+r1 f2=p2x+q2y+r2 f= Y y w1.f1+w2.f2 w1+w2

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ANFIS Architecture
Layer1 Layer2 Layer3 Layer4 x W1 Prod A2 W2 Prod B1 Norm x y W1f2 Norm f Sum y W1f1 Layer5

A1 x

y B2

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Layer 1 - I
• Ol,i •

is the output of the ith node of the layer l.

Every node i in this layer is an adaptive node with a node function O1,i = µAi (x) for i = 1, 2, or O1,i = µBi−2 (x) for i = 3, 4 (or y ) is the input node i and Ai (or Bi−2 ) is a linguistic label associated with this node Therefore O1,i is the membership grade of a fuzzy set (A1 , A2 , B1 , B2 ).

• x •

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Layer 1 - II

Typical membership function:
µA (x) = 1 1 + | x−ci |2bi ai

• ai , bi , ci •

is the parameter set.

Parameters are referred to as premise parameters.

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Layer 2
• •

Every node in this layer is a fixed node labeled Prod. The output is the product of all the incoming signals. Each node represents the fire strength of the rule Any other T-norm operator that perform the AN D operator can be used

• O2,i = wi = µAi (x) · µBi (y), i = 1, 2 • •

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Layer 3
• •

Every node in this layer is a fixed node labeled Norm. The ith node calculates the ratio of the ith rulet’s firing strenght to the sum of all rulet’s firing strengths. Outputs are called normalized firing strengths.

• O3,i = w i = wi , i = 1, 2 w1 +w2 •

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Layer 4

Every node i in this layer is an adaptive node with a node function: O4,1 = wi fi = w i (px + qi y + ri )

• wi

is the normalized firing strenght from layer 3. is the parameter set of this node.

• {pi , qi , ri } •

These are referred to as consequent parameters.

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Layer 5

The single node in this layer is a fixed node labeled sum, which computes the overall output as the summation of all incoming signals: i w i fi

• overall output = O5,1 =



wi fi i wi

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Alternative Structures

There are other structures
Layer1 Layer2 Layer3 x W1 y W1f1 W1f1+W2f2 A2 W2 Layer4 Layer5

A1 x


W1f2 x y




y B2


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Learning Algorithm

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Hybrid Learning Algorithm - I

The ANFIS can be trained by a hybrid learning algorithm presented by Jang in the chapter 8 of the book. In the forward pass the algorithm uses least-squares method to identify the consequent parameters on the layer 4. In the backward pass the errors are propagated backward and the premise parameters are updated by gradient descent.

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Hybrid Learning Algorithm - II

Forward Pass Premise Parameters Consequent Parameters Signals Fixed Least-squares estimator Node outputs

Backward Pass Gradient Descent Fixed Error signals

Two passes in the hybrid learning algorithm for ANFIS.

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