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Effective management of health and safety:
is vital to employee well-being
has a role to play in enhancing the reputation of businesses and helping them achieve high-performance teams is financially beneficial to business

4 C’s

Health– the protection of the bodies and minds of people from illness resulting from the materials, processes or procedures used in the workplace.

Safety– the protection of people from physical injury.

Ill health- the two words are normally used together to indicate concern for the physical and mental well-being of the individual at the place of work.

Welfare– the provision of facilities to maintain the health and well-being of individuals at the workplace. e.g. washing and sanitation arrangements, the provision of drinking water, heating, lighting, and accommodation for clothing, seating (when required by the work activity), eating and rest rooms, first aid arrangements.

Occupational or work-related ill-health – is concerned with those illnesses or physical and mental disorders that are either caused or triggered by workplace activities. The time interval between exposure and the onset of the illness may be short (e.g. asthma attacks) or long (e.g. deafness or cancer).

Environmental protection– arrangements to cover those activities in the workplace which affect the environment (in the form of flora, fauna, water, air and soil) and, possibly, the health and safety of employees and others. Eg include waste disposal and atmospheric pollution.

Hazard–is the potential of a substance, activity or process to cause harm. Hazards take many forms including, for example, chemicals, electricity and working from a ladder. A hazard can be ranked relative to other hazards or to a possible level of danger.

Risk - likelihood of a substance, activity or process to cause harm. A risk can be reduced and the hazard controlled by good management.

Hazard and a risk – the two terms are often confused and activities such as construction work are called high risk when they are high hazard. Although the hazard will continue to be high, the risks will be reduced as controls are implemented. The level of risk remaining when controls have been adopted is known as the residual risk. There should only be high residual risk where there is poor health and safety management and inadequate control measures.

Insured Direct costs:
Claims on employers and public liability insurance
Damage to buildings, equipment, vehicles
Absence from employees

Uninsured Direct costs:
Fines resulting from prosecution by the enforcement authority Sick pay
Some damage to the product , equipment, vehicles or process (not directly associated with accident Increases in insurance premium
Any compensation not covered by insurance
Legal representation following a compensation claim

Insured Indirect costs:
A cumulative business loss
Product or process liability claims
Recruitment or replacement staff

Uninsured Direct costs:
Loss of goodwill and a poor corporate image
Accident investigation time
Production delays
Extra overtime payments
Recruitment and training replacement staff
First aid-provision and training
Lower employee morale possibly leading to reduced productivity

Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance (Act)
legal requirement (£2500/day fine)
ensures that any employee who successfully sues his employer following an accident, is assured of receiving a compensation irrespective of financial position of the employer min one copy must be displayed

copies to be kept for 40 years


Criminal law
is enforced by several different Government Agencies who may prosecute individuals for contravening criminal laws. An individual who breaks criminal law is deemed to have committed an offence or crime and, if he is prosecuted, the court will determine whether he is guilty or not the court could sentence him to a fi...
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