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Plant Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

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Section 1. Hazards

Mechanical hazards


Unexpected startup, unexpected overrun/overspeed

Contact with moving parts; mass and stability problems

Low-frequency, radio frequency radiation; microwaves

Failure/Display of control system

Accumulation of energy inside machinery eg elastic elements (springs), liquids or gases under pressure, the effect of vacuum 
Infrared, visible and UV radiation

Restoration of energy supply after Interruption

Crushing hazard

X-rays and gamma rays

External influences on electrical equipment

Shearing hazard


Other external influences (gravity, wind etc.)

Cutting or severing hazard

Alpha and beta rays, electron beams neutrons

Errors in software

Entanglement hazards

Materials and substances

Errors made by operator (human/machine mismatch)

Drawing in or trapping hazard

Contact with or inhalation of harmful fluids, gases, mists, fumes and dusts 
Relating to traveling function

Impact hazard

Fire and explosion

Movement when starting Engine

Stabbing puncture

Biological or microbiological hazards

Movement without driver at driving position

Friction or abrasion hazard


Movement without all parts in a safe position

High pressure

Unhealthy postures or excessive effort

Excessive speed of pedestrian-controlled machinery

Electrical hazards

Inadequate consideration of hand-arm or foot-leg anatomy

Excessive oscillations when moving

Contact of persons with live parts (direct contact)

Neglected use of PPE

Insufficient ability of machinery to be slowed down, stopped and immobilised 
Contact of persons with parts which have become live under faulty conditions (indirect contact) 
Inadequate lighting

From handling of the machine (lack of stability)

Approach to live parts under high voltage

Mental overload and underload, stress

Mechanical hazard and hazardous events

Electrostatic phenomena

Human error, human behaviour

From load falls, collisions, machine tipping (lack of stability) 
Thermal radiation or other phenomena such as projection of molten particles and chemical effects from short circuits, overloads 
Inadequate design, location or identification of manual controls 
Uncontrolled loading-oveloading-overturning moments exceeded 
Thermal hazards

Inadequate design or location of visual display units

Unexpected/unintended movement of loads

Burns, scalds and other injuries by possible contact with objects or materials (hot or cold) 

Due to power source and to the transmission of power

Damage to health by hot or cold working environment

Use of hand held machines

Hazards from engine and the batteries


Whole body vibration

Hazards from transmission of power between machines

Hearing Loss or other physiological disorders

Hazards from coupling and towing

Interference with speech, acoustic signals

Section 2. - Summary of Identified Hazards



Any specific circumstances:

Persons at Risks: (list)

Is the risk? (Tick one)
 Minimal risk exposure
 Adequately controlled. No further action required
 In adequately controlled. Further Action/Investigation Required. Proceed with Risk Assessment (Section 3)  Covered by Regulation/Standard/Code Specify:
Section 3. – Risk Assessment (List identified hazards and detail measures taken to address the hazards) This form is to be expanded electronically or additional information attached where required Controls to be considered from the following hierarchy of controls 1. Elimination (is it necessary?)

2. Substitution
3. Isolation (restrict access)
4. Engineering (guarding, redesign)
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