Nazi Germany - Fascist Italy Essay Example

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During a world economic crisis, two similar totalitarian regimes were able to emerge in Germany and Italy. The fascist party was led by Benito Mussolini in Italy, while the National socialists were led by Adolf Hitler in Germany. The education played a key role in these two nations, as since the future of Italy and Germany was in the schools. The public image of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were key factors in the popularity of the two leaders. Propaganda was an essential tool in both countries because it allowed for the political parties to sway the viewpoints of the public to their liking. These two natural allies, Italy and Germany, however very diverse from each other, can be equated in many respects. Largo ai giovani, Italian for "make way for the young" was one of many mottos used by Mussolini's regime. This saying highlights an extremely vital aspect of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, the education system. One of the main, if not key purposes in the education system was the creating of future soldiers. Another chief element in the education system was the existence of after school youth movements. Another interesting aspect was the role females served in the education system under both dictatorships. The education systems in Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy were both very similar.

The main priority in the education system of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany was the creation of future soldiers. In Italy, boys were told that, "War is to the male what childbearing is to the female." The boys were stressed that fighting was as natural to the male as giving birth to the female. In Germany, the Nazis had modified the science curriculum to include the study of the principles of shooting, military aviation science, bridge building and the impact of poisonous gasses. (History) In both nations, physical training was a major part of school. If students did not pass these tests, they would be expelled from the school. Those with outstanding physical fitness...
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