National Security Outline

Topics: Laws of war, Just War, United States Pages: 136 (40744 words) Published: November 15, 2013
CHAPTER 1: National Security Law and the Role of Tipson1
CHAPTER 2: Theoretical approaches to national security & world order4 CHAPTER 3: Development of the International Law of Conflict Management5 CHAPTER 4: The Use of Force in International Relations: Norms Concerning the Initiation of Coercion (JNM)7 CHAPTER 5: Institutional Modes of Conflict Management17

The United Nations System17
Proposals for Strengthening Management Institutional Modes of Conduct 23 CHAPTER 6: The Laws of War and Neutrality24
CHAPTER 7: War Crimes and Nuremberg Principle28
CHAPTER 12: Nuclear Weapons: Deployment, Targeting and Deterrence33 CHAPTER 13: Arms Control in the Nuclear Age36
Chapter 14: Measures to Reduce Tensions and Prevent War41
CHAPTER 16: The Law of the Sea43
CHAPTER 17: The Constitutional Framework for the Division of Nat’l Security Powers Between Congress, the President and the Court48 The 1973 War Powers Resolution49
II. The War Powers Resolution: A Debate between JNM and Frederick Tipson 50 CHAPTER 18: The National Security Process60
CHAPTER 19: intelligence and Counterintelligence63
CHAPTER 20: Access to Information65
CHAPTER 21: Freedom of Expression70
CHAPTER 22: National Security and the Fourth and Fifth Amendments 73 R. J. Rummel, “Power Kills; Absolute Power Kills Absolutely (Oct. 1991)77 A. Theories of Confidence-Building Measures79
J.N. Moore, Law and the Indochina War81
Henkin, Is there a ‘Political Question’ Doctrine?82
JNM, SOLVING THE WAR PUZZLE, September 11th & Its Aftermath: Terrorism, Afghanistan, & The Iraq War84 Incentive Theory & Terrorism84
Low Intensity Conflict and the International Legal System, JNM89 Recommendations for Strengthening the International Legal System to Deal More Effectively with Low-Intensity Aggression90 THE RULE OF LAW IN NAT’L SECURITY AFFAIRS: In repealing the war powers resloution, Robert F. Turner91 U.N. RESOLUTION 1441: 8 NOVEMBER 200296

MYTHS AND REALITIES IN THE VIETNAM DEBATE, Robert F. Turner97 JNM: Morality and the Rule of Law in the Foreign Policy of the Democracies100 Notes on DA Koplow: assignment 12104
CHAPTER 1: National Security Law and the Role of Tipson


Goal Clarification: What is National Security?

-National Security - Possible Definitions (Difficult to define)
-Safety from foreign coercion or intimidation
-UN Charter Article 2(4) - prohibition against “the threat or use of force against the political independence or territorial integrity of any state”

Analytical Tasks: How Americans Think About National Security

-Identifying Values: What is at Stake? (What are we trying to protect)
-Traditional views of national security center around defending territory -Protecting homeland not a major concern until after WWII due to physical isolation -Pearl Harbor attack changed national opinion - protecting homeland now major concern -US became aggressive in defense of homeland after WWII by extending defensive perimeters through the creation of alliances (UN, NATO, Rio Treaty)

-Before WWII, large standing armies were seen as threats to liberty -With development on nuclear weapons, opinion has changed and vulnerability of our military forces has become a high priority -Today - trying to balance dislike of standing armies and fear of long range nuclear weapons

-Safety of the people has always been a major concern - Constitution itself written to protect people from the national government -Protection of people extends to US citizens abroad as well (First US “war” - Barbary Pirates that were harassing US ships in Mediterranean)

-Centers around protection of resources necessary for military capabilities -Other resources US willing to use force to protect: Oil (note actions taken by US to protect oil), worldwide economic access

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